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These photos were taken between 1899 and 1906 by Alexander B Hassé.

A Edwick has kindly let the glass slides be photographed and digitised by M Lawson and P Marfell has put them on here.

Alexander C Hassé

Moravian Brethren Statistical Returns

An Alex C Hassé, Labourer. (Minister) was the person that signed the 1865 and 1866 Moravian Brethren Statistical Returns that recorded the Out Preaching Places.

  • Wellfield Weekly on Wednesday 7:30pm & twice on Sunday 10:30am & 6:00pm
  • Low Baildon Monthly on Mondays 8pm
  • Tong Mills Fortnightly. Mondays 7:30pm
  • Moorside Fortnightly. Wednesdays 7:30pm

Preachers: Charles Schick, Thomas Holmes, James Wilkinson, Joshua Sutcliffe, William Halliday. The 1866 does not record Tong Mills, and Mr Schick is not mentioned but Mr Wm Hinchcliffe (Hinchliffe?) is shown.[1]

Census Records

1871 Census entry for 42 Regent Square, St Pancras, Marylebone
Name Relation to Head Married Age last birthday Occupation Where born
Alexander C Hassé Head Married 57 Master of the Moravian Chapel Yorkshire, Parish of Calverley
Harriet Hasse Wife Married 56 Example Somerset, Bristol
Ann Ward Serv Unmarried 37 Servant Yorkshire, Parish of Calverley

Italic Text above disagrees with Ancestry Library transcription of Carverley and Cawerley (Both of which are reasonable interpretations of the handwriting but do not exist.) but is listed here as Calverley because the 1891 census list their place of birth as Fulneck and Hough End. An assumption is being made that the spelling in the census record is due to writing what was heard.

1881 Census for Kingswood Hill, Oldland, near Bristol lists Alexander C Hasse, 67, Moravian Minister, born Fulneck. Harriet Hasse, wife, 66, born Bristol and Ann Ward, domestic servant, 47, born Pudsey.

1891 Census entry for Moravian Settlement, Ockbrook of Shardlow of Ilkeston.
Name Relation to Head Married Age last birthday Occupation Where born
Alexander C Hassé Head Married 77 Bishop of Moravian Church Yorkshire, Fulneck
Harriet Hasse Wife Married 76 Example Gloucester, Bristol
Ann Ward Serv Unmarried 57 Servant Yorkshire, Hough End

Fulneck is also a Moravian Settlement. Fulneck and Hough End are very close to each other and both were part of the ancient Parish of Calverley.

Alexander B Hasse

Alex C Hasse and Alexander B (Bulow) Hasse do not seem to be related.

Census, Electoral Register, and Tax Assessment

1871 Census for 51 Lane End, Baildon lists Alexander B Hasse, unmarried(?), Publisher, born Kilkeel, Ireland as Lodger

1881 Census entry for Rushcroft Villa
Name Relation to Head Married Age last birthday Occupation Where born
Alexander Hassé Head Married 35 Picture Dealer, W of A Ireland
Annie E. Hassé Wife Married 35 Wife Bedfordshire
Alexander E. Hassé Son Unmarried 6 Baildon
Annie A. Hassé Daughter Unmarried 4 Baildon
Dorothy M. Hassé Daughter Unmarried 1 Baildon
William P. Ingram Visitor Married 51 Publisher Scotland
Eliza Wilkinson Cook Unmarried 25 Cook - dom Armley, Yorks.
Emma Hartley Nurse 26 Nurse Dom Bramhope, Yorks

Italic text above indicates the text is not visible/legible in the census image and is taken from Ancestry Library transcription.

1891 Census entry for Red House, Gleasby Lane, Menston
Name Relation to Head Married Age last birthday Occupation Where born
Alexander B Hasse Head Married 45 Fine Art Publisher Etc. Ireland, Kilkeel, Co Down
Annie S Hasse Wife Married 44 Huntingdonshire, Kimbolton
Ruth G Hasse Daughter 9 Scholar Baildon
Edith M Bradley Governess Single 25 Teacher. School Scotland, Glasgow
Sarah J Clarkson Serv. Single 40 Example Yorkshire, City of York
Lilian Hardy Serv Single 23 Housemaid. Domestic Servant Nottinghamshire, Normanton

Italic text above indicates word added to the census entry in another hand.

1901 Census entry for Ingfield
Name Relation to Head Married Age last birthday Occupation Where born
Alexander Hasse head married 55 Fine Art Dealer, Employer Ireland
Annie Hasse wife married 54 Hunts, Kimbolton
Eric Hasse Son single 26 Fine Art Assistant Baildon
Alice Hasse Daughter single 24 Baildon
Dorothy Hasse Daughter single 21 Baildon
Ruth Hasse Daughter single 19 Baildon
Rachel Hodge Servant single 28 Cook, domestic Durham, Darlington

1901-1908 Electoral Registers for Menston show Alexander B Hassé living at Ingfield, Baildon with the qualifying property for registration in Menston as The Red Hill House, Menston.

1897-1905 Electoral Register for Baildon show Alexander Hasse living at 38 Low Baildon with the qualifying property as 38 Low Baildon.

1896 Electoral Register has Alexander Hasse living at 38 Low Baildon and the qualifying property Red House, Menston and 38 Low Baildon.

1877, 1880-1884 Electoral Register for Baildon has Alexander Hasse living at Rushcroft Villa with the qualifying property 1 Rushcroft Villa.

1909-10, 1915-16, 1920-21 & 1923-4 Land Tax Assessment for Menston. Alexander B Hasse, occupier, Hasse, Bulow A, owner, Red House Menston.

1891-2 1893-4 1894-5 Land Tax Assessment, Menston, Alexander B Hasse

1910(?) Tax Valuation, Leeds, Alexander Bulow Hasse, shop, 31 Commercial St.

1921 1925 1930 1931 Electoral Register for Menston - Alexander Bulow Hasse & Alexander Eric Hasse - The Red House.

1935 Electoral Register for Menston. Alexander Eric Hasse. The Red House.


  1. Arthur Edwick red folder.