Allotment of Pews, 1848

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Rev. Joseph Mitton was appointed Incumbent of the Parish Church in 1848 following the death of Edmund Hodgkinson[1] and according to W Paley Baildon one of his early acts seems to have been to prepare a list of the owners and occupiers of the pews in the new church.

Main Body

Allotment of Pews. 1848[2] Main Body
Owner Occupier Tenements
1 Wm. Rand, esq Whitaker and Brooks Houses at Kirklands
2 Mrs. Ferrand (London) Widow Taylor,
William Schofield, esq. James Masken, and others Houses at Baildon Green
3 Messrs. Duffield & Co. Betty Mellor and others Cottages at Lane End.
4 Wm. Goldsborough William Goldsborongh House
Mr. Ferrand, St. Ives Mary Jowett Glovershaw
5 Messrs. Wilson, Staveley & Co. Joseph Silson Woodhead
William Walker Thomas Walker & J . Ellis Houses in Browgate
6 Charles Walker, esq. Abm. Hardaker House at Tong Park
7 William Brook Wm Brook Cottages at Brook Hill.
Michael Walker Brook Bell, and others Cottages, Browgate
8 Miss Meeke Thomas Walker Bracken Hall
9 Nicholas Walker. Nicholas Walker Malt Shovel Inn
10 Mrs. Ferrand (London). David Greenwood and John Homer Houses and Trench Farms
11 Miss Meeke Michael Walker and others Baildon Hall and Hall Farm Houses
13 James Bent, esq. Caroline Bent Houses at Lower Baildon.
14 Miss Lambert. James Brown. Spring Lodge.
15 James Bent, esq. Servants' Pew. Houses at Lower Baildon.
16 Jer. Ambler, esq. Hugh Rawling Houses at Hoyle Farm
Thomas Denby. Moor Side Farm.
17 Mr. Craven Henry Wharton. House in Northgate.
18 Miss Meeke. Mary Lund and others. Houses, Moor Side Farm
19 Miss Meeke. Bottomley and others Lane End Houses.
20 Messrs. William Garnett. Thomas Denby. Houses, Tong Park.
21 Sir Jas. Boroughs and ex. Thos. Holmes House in Northgate.
22 Sir Jas. Boroughs and ex. Welfit Oddy House in Westgate.
23 Sir Jas. Boroughs and ex. John Walker House at Hope Farm.
24 Mrs Child Robert Kendall Roebuck Inn
Mr John Ellison John Ellison House.
25 Charles Walker, esq. Wainman Holmes. Angel Inn
26 Charles Walker, esq. Jer. Booth and others. House and Cottages.
27 Charles Walker, esq. Jer. Booth and others Manor House.
28 Charles Walker, esq. Samuel Rennard. House in Westgate.
29 Mrs. Nancy Walker. J. Williams and others. Hall Cliff Houses
30 Isaac Hollings, esq. Francis Goldsborough. House in West Lane.
31 Isaac Hollings, esq. Francis Goldsborough. Stead Hall.
32 Jer. Ambler. Jeremiah Ambler. House in Westgate.
33 William Scholefield. Wm. Scholefield. Batley House.
34 James Bent, esq. Major Bradley. Houses in Kirklands.
35 Miss Meeke. William Walker, and others. Houses, Lane End
36 (4). John Goldsborough. The same. Houses in Westgate.
(1). Thomas Hill. The same. House in Northgate.
37 Miss Lambert. James Thompson. Farm House, Baildon Green.
John Oddy, House on Idle Hill Farm.
38 Bailey Blackburn. John Lee. Cliffe Fane.
William Lambert. Houses at Lower Baildon.
39 Jeremiah Bell The same. House in Westgate.
Miss Meeke Benjamin Taylor. House at Peter Beck.
40 Thomas Butler, esq. Thos. Tomlinson, and others. Houses at Chapel Hill
41 Francis Billam, esq. Thomas Holdgate. Houses at Gill Beck.
Miss Meeke. Mary Craven. House in Northgate.
42 Isaac Hollings, esq. Wm. West and others. House, Upper Hoyle.
43 Isaac Hollings, esq. Sarah Ambler and others Houses in Westgate.
44 Isaac Hollings, esq. Samuel Taylor and others. Houses in Westgate.
45 Mrs. Pullan. Rebecca Lallan. Brook House.
Timothy Riley Hannah Brook. Habbits House.
Thomas Rhodes The same. Houses in Browgate.
46 Mr. Silson. J. Midgley, J. Whitaker and others. Farm House and Cottages, Low Baildon.
47 Mrs. Ferrand (London). Thomas Walker. Houses in Northgate.
48 Rev. Joseph Mitton. Joseph Mitton. Parsonage.

In The Gallery

Allotment of Pews. 1848[3] In The Gallery
Owner Occupier Tenements
1 William Marshall. The same. House in Westgate.
William Scholefield, esq. Messrs. Clapham.
2 Thomas Fairbank. J. P. Gill, and others. Houses at Baildon Green.
Thomas Walker Wm. Lambert, and others. Houses in Northgate.
3 Mrs. Elizabeth Burnett Jane Burnett. House in Browgate.
4 Mrs. S. Fearnley. Sarah Fearnley. Bay Horse Inn; House in Westgate.
5 W. H. Raistrick. The same, N. Halliday, and others. House in Westgate.
6 Mr. Thomas Rogers. Hannah Craven, and others. Houses in Browgate.
7 W. J. and T. Gill. The same. Gills' Mill.
W. Scholefield, esq. Messrs. Clapham and White. Houses in Northgate


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