Angel Hotel and Barn

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The Angel
Address 9 Northgate
Postcode BD17 6LX
Building Date pre 1779
Early Licence 1779
Licencee Stephen Eric Winrow
Brewery Greene King
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The Angel

This is a pub at 9 Northgate, Baildon and faces close onto Towngate.

Though it might be thought that The Angel is the oldest pub in Baildon there is no reference to it earlier than 1779 [1] Page 39

Manor Courts were held at The Angel Hotel in 1779, 1806, 1807, 1809, 1811, 1813, 1854 and 1865.[2]Page 56

The 1822 Baines Directory has William Wainman as victualler of The Angel.[3]

The 1841 Baildon Census lists Wainman Holmes at The Angel. Wainman also gets a mention in the Allotment of Pews, 1848.

1857 - Wainman Holmes listed Angel & farmer[4]

1865 is the latest date listed for the Manor Courts. This explains why the Royal Coat of Arms are still in The Angel and also why, at the time of the Greene King refit, a change of name to The Courtyard was being considered.

Royal Coat of Arms

The 1893 Kelly Directory has Frederick Waller, Angel P.H. [5]

The Licence Register shows The Angel to be a Wm Whitaker pub for many years from 1898. It was advertised for sale in 1897 with brewhouse, in the occupation of Mr Martin and acquired by William Whitaker & Co. Ltd the following year.[6]

The 1929 Baildon Hospital & Charities Week handbook has an advert for The Angel. Proprietor Will Needham, (The Old Manningham Football 3/4 back) - Tetley's ales served here - Headquarters: Baildon Rugby Football Club & Baildon Musical Union. Although Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd. owned The Angel they had stopped brewing in 1928 but continued to operate as bottlers, wine and spirit merchants thus allowing The Angel to already promote Tetley's Ales. It was not until 1959 that Tetleys acquired Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd. along with 119 houses of which the Angel Hotel was one.[7]

Later The Angel was a John Barras pub - part of Spirit Pub Company (Punch).

In the early 1980s, after having been formed following meetings in Baildon Community Link, the Baildon Runners met on Thursdays in The Angel. After a major re-fit of The Angel in 1987 the Runners started to meet at the Malt Shovel. The facilities did not really suit a running club so in 1989 they agreed with Baildon Rugby Union Football Club that they could use the clubhouse; this enabled runners to have showers and drinks in the bar on Thursdays.[8]

See the 2013 T&A article about the refit of the Malt Shovel and The Angel on the Malt Shovel page. I assume the delay in the refit of the Angel was caused by the acquisition of the Spirit Pub Company.

In 2015 Spirit was acquired by Greene King.

May 2018 - The Angel was refitted as a Greene King pub. At the time there was a suggestion from Greene King that the name could be changed to The Courthouse. This is referring back to the fact that Manor Courts were held in The Angel Hotel. There were a few objections to this suggestion from locals and it was decided to stay with The Angel.

Freemasons at the Angel Inn

1856 - 20 February. The Airedale Lodge of The Freemasons started holding their meetings at The Angel. (Prior to that they had been held in the Malt Shovel).[9]

1866 - 31 January. The Airedale Lodge agreed to give the landlord of the Angel Inn at Baildon (then Mr. Joseph Field) two shillings and sixpence per lodge night "as a small remuneration for the use of the lodge-room, fire, and light, as under the present circumstances he must be a loser through the bad attendance of members and other causes."[9]

1868 - 30 December. The Airedale Lodge held their last meeting at the Angel Inn before transferring to the new lodge rooms at Westgate, Shipley.[9]


Please read the page Licencees, sources for information about where a lot of the licencee names and owner names have come from.

1872 to 1955

Summary of Register of Alehouse Licences granted in Otley for Angel Inn.
Licencee Date Owner[12]
Joseph Field 1872 Aug 30 William Wainman Holmes, Malmsbury, Bristol
John Walker 1873 Nov 7
Hannah Elizabeth Walker 1880 Feb 27
William Boyes 1880 Nov 5
1881[13] Wm(?) Wainman Holmes, Baildon
Walter Chamberlain 1882 Aug 11 Thomas Wainman Holmes, Baildon
James Scott 1883 May 18
Frederick Waller 1889 Nov 8
Emma Waller 1893 July 7
Frederick Henman Martin 1893 Aug 18
1898[6] Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd., Bradford.
John Harry Hanson Boyes 1900 Jul 6
Alfred Berry 1903 Jun 19
Walter Boothroyd 1905 Dec 8
Edwin Pattinson 1906 Dec 7
Arthur Smith 1913 Jan 31
Francis James Robinson 1915 July 9
Daniel Clark 1915 Dec 17
William Carter Needham 1927 Aug 12
William Thomas Lee 1941 Oct 31
Herbert George Farrar 1943 Sep 17
Albert Edward Partridge 1951 Jan 5
Transferred to Bingley Petty Sessional Division 31 Dec 1955

1955 onwards

Licencee and owner/brand summary from various sources
Licencee Date Owner
1959 Tetleys acquire Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd.
John Barras brand (part of Spirit)
2015 John Barras brand (Spirit acquired by Greene King)
Stephen Eric Winrow[14] 2018 Greene King brand. Refit.

Mr Fickling (Dougie[15]) of Leeds became the landlord of the Angel Inn during the 1970s. He had been a policeman earlier in life and he was the Police Constable who arrested Zsiga Pankotai.[16] Hungarian born Zsiga Pankotai was hanged, aged 31, on 29th June 1961 by Harry Allen at Armley jail. Pankotai had stabbed to death a wealthy market stall holder called Jack Eli Myers (Jack Marsh) while trying to rob him in his home on Chelwood Avenue, off Street Lane in Roundhay. Eli returned home unexpectedly during the burglary and the pair fought before Pantokia stabbed him to death.[17][18][19]

Census Data


1841 Census Data for Angel Hotel
Name Relationship Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Wainman Holmes 35 Male Yorkshire Innkeeper
Ann Holmes 30 Female Yorkshire
Wainman Holmes Jr. 15 Male Yorkshire Engineer Apprentice
Louisa Holmes 9 Female Yorkshire
Sarah Holmes 4 Female Yorkshire
Sarah Ives 20 Female Yorkshire


1911 Census Data for Angel Hotel
Name Relationship Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Edwin Pattison Head 48 Male Bradford, Yorkshire Married Publican
Agnes Pattison Wife 45 Female Bradford, Yorkshire Married Assisting in Business
Maud Pattison Daughter 20 Female Queensbury, Yorkshire Single Assisting in Business
Geo Henry Pattison Son 17 Male Bingley, Yorkshire Single Wool Merchants Office
Harold Pattison Son 13 Male Bingley, Yorkshire School
Dorothy Pattison Daughter 7 Female Bingley, Yorkshire School
Harriet Orchard Servant 59 Female Leeds, Yorkshire Widow Cook (Hotel)
Nellie Phelan Servant 25 Female Carlisle Single House Maid (Hotel)
Ernest Warrington Servant 19 Male Bradford, Yorkshire Single Waiter (Hotel)

Barn at the rear of the Angel

The barn at the rear of the Angel is a listed building dating back to early to mid 17th century.

Listed Building description. Grade II

Barn. Early-mid C17. Coursed rubble, roughly dressed quoins, stone slate roof. 4-bay barn. Central cart-entry has composite jambs the lintel raised. Mistal doorway to right has composite jambs and large quoined lintel. Interior: good king-post roof with mostly original purlins and rafters.

Angel Yard

J Whitaker, Plumber & Glazier etc. was advertising as working from Angel Yard, Baildon in 1936.[20]


Many photos of the centre of Baildon feature The Angel. Some of these photos show that part of the building to the right of The Angel was the Angel Hotel petrol station. Prior to that the signs look as though they say "Angel Hotel Stables". It is more likely that the stables were round the back where the barn is. In The Story of Baildon John La Page says The present petrol station at the Hotel was originally the brewhouse [1] Page 39

Several of the earlier photos, including the 1943 photo, show that the Angel had etched glass in the windows displaying Angel Hotel & Bar Parlour. The later photos show that the glass is no longer etched and it looks as though the window frames have been replaced.


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