BLBG Minutes 1870-1879

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These are the notes made by Arthur Edwick 1977 of the Baildon Local Board of Guardians for 1870 to 1879 transcribed by Paul Marfell 2009.

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1 Feb 1870

The Guardians of The Wharfedale Union to pay £7-7s per year to Baildon Guardians for the use of the Board Room by The Relieving Officer and Vaccinator.

1 March 1870

The offer of £5-5s accepted.

1 Feb 1870

It was agreed that Mr Ward should be paid £2 per year for lighting the fire in the Boardroom.

3 May 1870

Gas lamps were to be “cut off” a few days before the full moon.

11 May 1870

Re. The Shipley Gas Co. A petition to “The House of Lords” regarding a Bill now in Parliament “for the extension of the Borrowing Powers and Capital Limits of The Shipley Gas Co.” was signed by all nine members of the Board.

21 May 1870

A Smoke Nuisance letter was sent to one of the local mill owners, also a letter to the Home Department regarding the seven mills in the township. And notices were to be sent to all of them.

6 Sept 1870

The painting of street names was agreed and Mr Ezra Walker's price of 7s/6d per dozen, and 6s/- per hundred numbers on doors was accepted.

3 Jan 1871

The Plans for the Church Infant's School were approved.

7 Feb 1871

The consumers of water at Baildon Bridge, The Park and Tarn were not to be charged water rates whilst the mains remained frozen.

6 June 1871

The Water Rate of 2s/6d per quarter was fixed for Baildon Church School.

The Clerk reported that the cellar had been let to the Co-operative for a rent of 1s/- per week.

20 June 1871

It was resolved that all persons with water meters be charged for a minimum of 2000 gallons per quarter.

4 July 1871

James Wilks and Son to pay 1s/9d water charge for jobbing purposes and 1s/3d per qtr. for a horse. The plans they had submitted were approved.

15 Aug 1871

Boundary Stones marked BLB 1 were to be placed in the Beck in Northgate.

19 Sept 1871

It was agreed that the gas lamps be put on and cut off three days before and three days after the full moon.

3 Oct 1872

George Taylor was ordered to remove the swine from the Pig Cotes (?) in Tentercroft in seven days time or be fined forty shillings and five shillings per day if continued.

21 Nov 1871

It was proposed that a trough be bought and fixed at Tentercroft, an amendment that “the old trough be refixed at the place it came from” was not carried.

13 Dec 1871

Approval by all of The Guardians “for the proposed railway to Baildon” was given.

19 Dec 1871

The illumination of the Public Clock was agreed. This was to be Saturday night and it had to be extinguished at 11 o'clock. The Guardians agreed to accept the Public Clock from the Committee.

2 Jan 1872

The Plan of the Township was to be borrowed.

5 Nov 1872

A proposal by Mr D Jagger was accepted to the effect that the steam whistle3 could be used if the local inhabitants had no objection.

19 Nov 1872

The Guardians agreed to rent a building belonging to Ellison's at the top of Westgate. The rent of £2 per year was agreed.

4 March 1873

Bills were to be printed regarding the offences of : - Driving Horse and Cart on the footpaths, Bowling Stones on the Highway, and the firing of house chimneys.

6 May 1873

It was ordered that the Drinking Fountain be supplied with water.

7 Oct 1873

It was proposed and seconded by Mr Jagger and Mr Holmes that a second reservoir be constructed. This was to be 90 yards by 100 yards.

21 Oct 1873

Messrs. Beech and Ellis were to be appointed consulting engineers for the construction of the second reservoir.

4 Nov 1873

The Co-operative were ordered to move from the cellar by 20 May 1874.

16 Dec 1873

Plans were approved for the Church of England School and a meeting place at Woodbottom Primitive Methodist Chapel at Low Hill.

21 April 1874

It was resolved that the future Board Meetings will be held in the National School. Rental £4 per year.

5 May 1874

Plans were approved for Fifteen Pig Sties (Mr C F Taylor). These were to be removed if they became a nuisance.

The tender of £4004-3-3 by Thomas Morrell & Co. for the building of the second reservoir was accepted.

16 June 1874

It was agreed that the old reservoir be enlarged enabling a further 600,000 gallons to be stored.

7 Nov 1874

It was decided that the old reservoir should be built up to the height of the new one.

15 Nov 1874

The water pipes to Cowling Well – repair agreed.

15 Dec 1874

Joseph Rhodes was ordered to remove the manure heap from the top of Browgate, and refrain from allowing water to run from his butcher's shop.

22 Nov 1874

The widening of Baildon Bridge was discussed and the Clerk was ordered to write to Shipley Board of Guardians to the effect that Baildon Guardians could offer no assistance in the matter.

7 April 1874

Mr James Steel was appointed Medical Officer of Health at a payment of £10 - £12 per year.

10 Dec 1875

Special meeting

It was resolved that £100 be paid for the Co-operative Butcher's Shop and the land be purchased at £2 per yard. The Wall to be removed and rebuilt. The shop had to be demolished before the end of 1876.

4 Jan 1876

The plans for the Midland Railway Co Station approved.

18 Jan 1876

The Committee of the Co-operative were to be allowed a Wooden Hut to serve as a temporary butcher's shop. This was to be erected near the Fountain until the present one was demolished and the land in Browgate excavated for road widening.

7 March 1876

Reference is made to the Walker Family at the “Corn Mill”

16 May 1876

The Co-operative were given permission to have a slaughter house.

30 May 1876

Complaints were discussed regarding the obstruction caused by the Co-operative temporary hut near the fountain and the keeping of a dog there at night. This being a disturbance to the inhabitants. Agreed to ask for removal elsewhere.

13 June 1876

Mr Holden was given permission to lay telegraph wires to his servants in Green Lane and pay 6d per year.

The Co-operative were given permission to keep the hut near the fountain for a further three months.

15 Aug 1876

Mr Murgatroyd was appointed Medical Officer of Health at £10 per year.

The building plans of the Co-operative were approved.

5 Sept 1876

The drinking fountain was to be repaired and supplied with water.

19 Sept 1876

John Bentley resigned as Nuisance Inspector and John Renard was appointed.

17 Oct 1876

Board School plans approved.

It was agreed that the Shipley Road Roller be borrowed.

2 Jan 1877

Letter to be sent to the Idle Board of Guardians regarding the stepping stones at Buck Mill. The Baildon Guardians were unwilling to share the cost of repairs at the present time.

It was agreed that £665 should be borrowed from the Bradford Savings Bank.

20 Feb 1877

The Guardians decided that the Committee of Charlestown Wesleyan Chapel would have to provide their own water for working the hydraulic pump that connects to the organ.

It was noted that the £665 mentioned previously had been borrowed from Bradford Investment Bank.

6 March 1877

The building plan of two houses and a stable for Miles Barraclough in Northgate were approved. Also a wood building for a Cricket Club was approved.

17 April 1877

Tender of £30 for the building of a bridge over Glovershaw Beck was accepted. Foulds & Bros.

19 June 1877

The Medical Officer of Health (Mr Murgatroyd) reported that the health of the Baildon inhabitants was very good, and free from disease at this time.

18 Aug 1877

Henry Walker was appointed Medical Officer of Health at £10 per year.

21 Aug 1877

The Guardians agreed to accept the Public Clock from the Committee if a signed document was given.

20 Nov 1877

A reference appears to “Slaughter Lane”.

18 Dec 1877

The Public Clock was to be placed in the Mechanics Institute to the care of the Local Board for the Benefit of the ratepayers for ever.

22 Jan 1878

The Medical Officer of Health reported that the health of the Township was very good.

19 March 1878

A summons was to be issued against C F Taylor for using water for a bath without applying to the Board for permission.

2 July 1878

Water supply to the fountain was to be arranged.

23 July 1878

Water supply to the fountain to be cut off.

Mr Lewis Foulds was appointed Clerk to the Board.

28 July 1878

Committee of Mechanics Institute requested to enlarge the Board Room.

3 Sept 1878

Henry Walker appointed Medical Officer of Health.4

6 Nov 1878

The Guardians approved a motion of thanks to the retiring Clerk, Mr Brook, eighteen years service.

19 Nov 1878

The Guardians agreed to employ three men for breaking stones: - Joseph Mann, Francis Goldsborough and John Elliss.

17 Dec 1878

William Pratt was appointed Road Foreman at a salary of £1 -5s per week with three months trial, and then an increase of 1s/- per week.

21 Jan 1879

Reference is made to Mr Walker “Corn Miller” Baildon Bridge. Granted water supply £1-0-0 per year.

The Guardians agreed on the contents of a letter to James Wilks & Son regarding the “Staith” at Rushcroft Terrace.

18 Feb 1879

Agreed that J Wilks & Son rent part of the Staith at £2 per annum.

27 Feb 1879

The Guardians agreed that all water closets be rated at the rate of £1 per annum. Baths £1 per annum.

4 March 1879

Water charges agreed upon – 5s/- per 4000 gallons a qtr. Minimum 4000. 4000 gallons – 50,000 1s/3d per 1000. Over 50,000 1s/- per 1000.

15 April 1879

Salary of the clerk fixed at £70-80 per annum. Road Foreman dismissed and Working Surveyor appointed 28s/- per week.

6 May 1879

Mr Grayson appointed Clerk.

Mr Robert Wiseman was appointed surveyor.

7 May 1879

Mr Thomas Firth's application for a diversion of the bridle path between the station and Langley Lane was approved.

17 June 1879

The diversion of Silson Lane was approved.

13 Aug 1879

The Bellman was to be given instructions to notify the inhabitants that all Rates and Water Rates overdue had to be paid immediately or summons would be taken out.

8 Sept 1879

It was agreed that the Clerk should meet the Magistrates to discuss the diversion of Silson Lane by Messrs. Waugh and Firth. At the same meeting reference is made to the construction of a footroad from Lane End to “Sandale Hill”

16 Sept 1879

The first mention of West Lane appears. This is the first of many disputes regarding the “making up” and maintenance of West Lane.

4 Nov 1879

The Iron Door covering the Bobbling Well was discussed and it was resolved that it be moved to cover the man-hole of a sewerage tank at Brook Hill and a more suitable one was to be made for the Bobbling Well.

It was agreed that a meeting with the Lord of the Manor be arranged to discuss the purchase of a cottage at Lane End. Price to be as much under £1000 as possible.

25 Nov 1879

The plans submitted by David Jagger for three new houses at Moorgate was approved.