BLBG Minutes 1880-1889

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These are the notes made by Arthur Edwick 1977 of the Baildon Local Board of Guardians for 1880 to 1899 transcribed by Paul Marfell 2009.

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6 Jan 1880

Hollings Hill was declared a main road at Leeds Sessions 5 Jan 1880. A visit to Guiseley was arranged in order to view the working of a steam roller.

20 April 1880

It was agreed that a well or sump, discovered under the house 28 East Parade, and fed by a spring, should be drained at the owners expense.

1 June 1880

The Guardians discussed the many duties of the Clerk Mr Grayson, and it was agreed that he should relinquish this position and become only Inspector of Nuisances.

22 June 1880

The obstruction of a Bridle Stye1 at Hope Farm, a Gin belonging to Mr Hird being the obstruction, was discussed.

2 July 1880

The Guardians agreed that Mr Hird, Iron Monger of Shipley, be prosecuted at the Quarter Sessions for obstructing the Bridle Stye at Hope Farm.

The Guardians met at Langley Bank and agreed that the sum of £579 be paid for the property of Mr Holmes in Westgate.2

22 July 1880

The drain up to the “Pinfold” was discussed and repairs agreed upon.

A discussion regarding the building recently purchased situate in Westgate and it was agreed that Mr Hargreaves of Hargreaves and Bailey be asked to furnish plans of the existing building with a list of alternations required and details of cost of the same. Also loan consent to be requested.

26 July 1880

The filling up of dykes on Penny Thornhill was agreed upon, so that water from two springs west of Spink3 Well could be secured for public supply.

19 Aug 1880

Ruinous buildings in Padgum owned by John Dobson to be remedied.

23 Aug 1880

Mr C F Taylor proposed, and Mr Metcalfe seconded a resolution that plans be approved for the alteration of the farm in Westgate4 making a board room and other offices. This was unanimously agreed upon and the plans, drawn up by Mr Hargreaves, were to be submitted to the Local Government Board. It is situate at the corner of the opening leading to Binswell Fold also the Methodist Chapel. The Church notice board is placed on the southern wall facing Westgate.5

7 Sept 1880

A meeting with the Lord of the Manor regarding kellcliffe was arranged.

19 Sept 1880

A nuisance caused by geese being kept in a house at Baildon Green was to be investigated.

2 Nov 1880

Messrs. Denby's were ordered to repair the footbridge at the top of their reservoir where the path passes over Ghyl Beck.6

Contributions towards the cost of Shipley Fire engine was discussed and agreed refusal.

Drainage of Langley Lane agreed upon.

16 Nov 1880

Bairstow's tender for the Mason's work at the new Board office was accepted £165

Joiner work (Murgatroyd) £105

Plaster work ( J Wilkes & Son) £39-15s

Plumbing (C F Taylor) £38-5s-9d

Slater (Robinson) £22-0-0

7 Dec 1880

It was reported that the obstruction to the bridle path at Hope Farm had now been removed.

Notification was received that Mr Holmes had rescinded the contract of sale regarding his farm in Westgate due to the Board's failure to complete conditions of sale.

20 Dec 1880

It was agreed that the sum of £587-11-9 be paid to Messrs. Yeadon & Holmes for the Westgate property.

A loan of £1076 at 4 ½ % repayable over fifty years was to be arranged for the building of the Boards Offices. The Friends Provident Institution.

4 Jan 1881

Above mentioned loan approved.

Agreement was reached regarding the rent for Mr Jowett's Stone Staith - £17 per annum.

The clerk announced his resignation – accepted.

Mr Hines appointed Clerk with effect from 18 Jan 1881 at £25 per annum.

15 March 1881

The Clerk reported to the Board that Sgt. Worsfold and PC Abbott had assaulted Mr Ellis the Council's Road Watcher. The Clerk was instructed to issue a summons against the Police and claim damages for the Board's Cabin.

The Board agreed to request permission from the Lord of the Manor to take stone from Baildon Bank for the wall at Charlestown.7

5 April 1881

The purchase of a horse and cart was agreed upon, also the use of a stable in Westgate when completed.

3 May 1881

Mr Waugh offered a present of an Oak Table for use in the Boardroom – accepted.

The rates levied on baths was reduced to 10s/- per annum.

The Lord of the Manor was ordered to fence of the quarries on the Baildon Moor also The Green.8

It was agreed that Mr William Hutton be cautioned regarding his use of the Towns water for his geese.

5 July 1881

A request to Mr Holden was to be made regarding his required assistance to obtain rates due for property at Woodbottom recently occupied by Rev H Burgoine who had regularly used a bath there without informing the Board and had failed to pay any rates for the same.

The annual feast was discussed and agreed that the same be held in the Towngate.

Mr Raphael Ambler attended the meeting and offered his field for this purpose. The rent charge for the booths to be the same as the Board's with free admittance to the field. This was accepted.

The purchase of Linoleum £13-7-6 was agreed for the Board's Office.

The Chairman Mr Waugh offered to wall paper the Boardroom at his own expense – agreed.

Mr Grayson's application for increase of salary for the post of Nuisance Inspector was refused. Agreed to advertise the post9. Salary £52 per annum. House free.

Ruth Halliday appointed Cleaner of the Board Office. 2s/6d per week.10

6 Sept 1881

The Lord of the Manor complained of the Board taking boulders from Baildon Green without asking him first. The Board replied that this was ancient custom. He also complained of the poor water supply to Mr Clegg at Baildon Hall. Agreed to investigate.

Plans were considered for a Villa Residence11 for Mr Lease in Halliway Banks Wood.12

Insurance cover was agreed for the Board's property : -

Coverage of £700 for offices

£100 for the two cottages13

£100 for furniture

11 Sept 1881

Mr Harry Ward was appointed Inspector of Nuisances at a salary of £52 per year and tenancy of House.

Dr. George Edward Pollard appointed Medical Officer of Health. Salary £20 per year.

Mr Holmes proposed and Mr Hird seconded that Mr Waugh (Chairman) be empowered to take initial steps as to enclosure of the Moor by ascertaining the views of Freeholders and representing the same to The Lord of the Manor at the Court Leet14

20 Sept 1881

Discussion took place regarding a writ issued against The Board by Edward & William Walker for injunction against the Board regarding their right to take water from the Beck in Northgate.

The surveyor reported that when work was completed the supply of water would be from the moor, The Pinfold and Bobbling Well. Walker's demands were for a supply of water from the Pinfold through service pipes which would also have to be kept in good repair. The Board agreed that the action be defended.

The Lord of the Manor threatened legal action unless The Board supplied him with details of how much stone was being taken from Baildon Green.

4 Oct 1881

The plans for a Lodge at the Cenetery was referred to the building committee.

It was agreed that apologies be sent to the Lord of the Manor for unsightly state of Baildon Green, where stone had been removed, and it was also agreed to tidy up there, but the Board refused to pay the £10 demanded.

15 Nov 1881

A lengthy discussion took place regarding the petition of the Freeholders urging adoption of means to obtain enclosure of The Common & Waste Lands of the Manor.

C F Taylor proposed and Mr Metcalfe seconded that the Clerk be empowered to take necessary steps to obtain Act of Parliament for the Enclosure of Common Land, Wastes etc. in the Manor of Baildon.

The Chairman and Clerk to travel to London to seek further advice in this matter.

The plans for the Cemetery Lodge were passed.

A charge of 12s/6d per annum to be paid by the Church Warden for Church heating was agreed upon.

The Walker dispute referred to previously was discussed and an offer was agreed to be made the The Board would maintain the water service pipes in good repair if Walker paid the legal costs of the action.

The Clerk reported on his recent visit to London and his interview with the Assistant Enclosure Commissioner & Sherwood & Co. Parliamentary Advisers (Agents). There being insufficient time for adequate discussion the matter was deferred.

20 Nov 1881

The Baildon School Board's application to rent the Board Room was discussed and a rent of £15 per annum was agreed. A month's notice was required.

Permission was granted to Robinson's (Chemists) to keep a 40 gallon drum of Benzalinebut it must be always on the ground floor covered with earth.

A letter from a number of ratepayers was read to the Board. The contents were matters of complaint regarding the dangerous state of William Nowell's house. Investigation agreed.

7 Feb 1882

Agreed purchase of new wire rope for the clock in the Mechanic's Institute.

7 March 1882

Plans passed for the Boiler House and Engine Room for Messrs. Walker's in Northgate Mills.

It was agreed that Messrs. Garnett, Holmes & Wright be empowered to purchase a horse for a sum not exceeding £50.

21 March 1882

Plans passed for alterations to the vicarage.

Complaints to the Board regarding the dangerous state of Load Pit Bridge15 16 were discussed and it was agreed the Bingley Local Board be contacted.

4 April 1882

Surveyor ordered to open up the sewer in Westgate outside Mrs Ambler's house to investigate leakage into her cellar.

The Board decreed that all Water Rates be paid quarterly in advance.

Water supply to the following occupants was to be cut off: - Mary Bottomley, Jane Jue and Joe Pickard.

The nusiance Inspector reported nuisance caused by the presence of a tub being used as a urinal outside Bradley's School, Baildon Bridge. The owner was ordered to provide proper accommodation.

18 April 1882

Agreed that the attention of the Lord of the Manor having been drawn to the condition of Load Pit Bridge the Board would await his reply.

2 May 1882

A new water valve to be put into the Fountain.

Moulson's to be ordered to fence off the quarry on Baildon Green.

16 May 1882

Surveyor ardered to arrange for the walls of The Pinfold to be built higher.

Dr Charles Richard Price appointed Medical Officer of Health.

6 June 1882

The Auditor's report up to “Lady Way” was discussed.

The owners of privy accomodation in Fountain Buildings ordered to improve the same.

Mark Robinson was ordered to disinfect the same.

Agreed the seal of The Board be affixed to the following loans: -

Trustees of the Sanctuary of Prosperity

Ancient Order of Shepherds

Friendly Society in the Island of Jersey.

Total £264 for 30 years

Trustees Court Flower of the Forest

Ancient Order of Shepherds

Total £798 for 30 years.

Trustees of Court Prince Concort

Order of Stonehouse

Total £410 for 20 years

Ordered that the footpath near Saltaire Park over which the Royal Carriages will pass be closed as and when the Chairman thinks fit.

Agreed that the fair be held as usual in the Towngate.

The salary of the Medical Officer of Health was fixed at £20 and one moiety17 of this to be paid by The Local Government Board.

1 Aug 1882

Tenders for repairs to street lamps accepted: -

Mr Mann – side squares 6d, Top squares 5d, bottom squares 4d.

Painting of lamps agreed – Mr Lupton £5

The tender of Mr & Mrs Sam Wood for cleaning of Board's Offices accepted – 4s/- per week.

15 Aug 1882

Dr Smyth appointed Medical Officer of Health.

Aug 1882. The Clerk reported that the Local Government Board objected to Dr Smyth's appointment because he already held the post of Poor Law Officer (Medical)

The Board requested that the objection be withdrawn as Dr Smyth employed a qualified assistant.

Richard Addison was to be ordered to remove the pigs and manure from Nelson St.18

Mr Crossley's wages were to be raised to £1 per week.

Agreed that gas be installed in the Store room & Stable.

Plans for Engine House and Grinding Mill at Baildon Green for Messrs. Brooke & Moulson were passed.

17 Oct 1882

Jeremiah Ambler & Mrs Ambler submitted a claim for damages against the Board in respect of damage done to their land during sewerage excavations.

7 Nov 1882

Mr Walker waited upon the Board and complained of the state of Kellcliffe.

The Board agreed that application be made to the Postmaster General for a letter box at Baildon Green.

It was agreed that the plans and requisite deeds be drawn up for two reservoirs for which, at present, the Board possess no grant from the Lord of the Manor.

21 Nov 1882

The Board agreed to pay the Amblers £30 compensation.

5 Dec 1882

A sum of £82-10s was claimed in damages by the Amblers. The Board considered “this out of all reason” and their solicitors were instructed to this effect.

The Postmaster General's letter was read to the Board:- this being a refusal to erect a Post Box at Baildon Green.

19 Dec 1882

The notice of the Board having been drawn to complaint of the residents of Kellcliffe throwing rubbish about. It was agreed – a request be made to them to refrain from doing so.

2 Jan 1883

Arrangements to be made for the Board's Cart to call at Kellcliffe on a Saturday morning.

The Board increased the offer to the Amblers to £50 plus £5 costs.

A reward of £1 was offered to anyone supplying information leading to conviction of vandals damaging the street lamps at Baildon Green.

16 Jan 1883

Agreed £60 damages be paid to the Amblers.

Agreed that the mile posts be painted.

Permission was given to the National Telegraph Co to erect telegraph poles & wires throughout the district subject to the agreement being submitted and inspected by the Board.

Request be made to the Postal Surveyor at York for an evening delivery of mail. Also an inquiry into the late delivery of morning mail. Also further letter requesting letter box at Baildon Green.

Trustees of Mechanics Institute to pay 2s/6d per quarter for water.

6 Feb 1883

Miles Barraclough, Mrs Halliday & Trustees of Primitive Methodist Chapel: - order to refrain from allowing night soil to go into the Beck.

£60 in final settlement to be paid to the Amblers.

20 Feb 1883

New 3 inch water main to be laid to Baildon Hall.

Surveyor requested to arrange repair of water supply to the water trough at Lane End.

Petition from the ratepayers was read to the Board regarding the poor train service and high price of passes. This was passed to the Midland Railway Co.

6 March 1883

Agreed that all Conservatories and Vineries of a rateable value of £5 or more be supplied by water through a meter.

20 March 1883

Previous minute rescinded.

Joseph Henry Ward appointed Nuisance Inspector.

30 March 1883

Ambler dispute referred to Quarter sessions.

3 April 1883 William Whitaker ordered to remove pig sty from Lane End.

Mr T W Holmes was ordered to repair or pull down his cottages in Church Hill which were in a dangerous state.

17 April 1883

The Postal Authorities informed the Board of their refusal to accelerate the morning mail or place a letter box on Baildon Green or grant telegraph communication. The Clerk was instructed to reply and point out the injustice of the decision.

The Midland Railway informed the Board of their refusal to improve their services or reduce the price of passes.

1 May 1883

Notice to be served on Mrs. Grace Rodgers with reference to dangerous state of the house in Browgate occupied by William Nowell.

5 June 1883

Two new wheelbarrows ordered for Thomas Oddy.

Water mains to be laid as far as Batley House.

Plans passed for alterations to Prospect Mills.

The crossing at Moorgate was discussed and it was seconded by Mr Garnett Wilson that is be taken up and relaid.

3 Oct 1883

The Nuisance Inspector reported to the Board that Waler Goldsborough had carted the contents of an ashpit through the village during the day of 27 Aug. Notice of prosecution if repeated to be served.

Plans passed for a stable at the Yorkshire Garister (?) Co. Baildon Green.

6 Nov 1883

The Board agreed that the horse be sold and another one purchased.

20 Nov 1883

Plans approved for a mill in Northgate Mr Shem Hodgson providing the chimney be at least 15 yards high with suitable foundation.

4 Dec 1883

It was resolved the the Board heartily approves the efforts of the Bradford Central Railway Co. to provide through accommodation between various railways.

8 Jan 1884

The Chairman reported that Mr Wiseman had complained that the Medical Officer's Assistant had ridden horseback down the footpath and when remonstrated with had threatened to assault him. The incident had occurred in Langley Lane. The Clerk was instructed to write to the Medical Officer re the matter.

Agreed that the School Board could use the Board Room for thirty meetings a year - £12 per annum.

5 Feb 1884

A new cart was to be purchased from John Wilcock for £13

20 May 1884

Plans passed for a detached cottage at The Hope for Mr William Hauron.

5 June 1884

Plans passed for a villa residence for Mr John Reddihough – Beechmount.

1 July 1884

Agreed to extend the water-mains from outside Batley House to Mr Reddihough's gate (Beechmount)

Plans agreed for new sewerage system for Baildon Village. Scheme for completion.

22 July 1884

Additional supply of water from springs at Birch Close and Eldwick to be arranged.

Plans passed for additions to The Corn-Mill at Baildon Bridge. Also a reference to the “New Inn”

14 Oct 1884

The Board agreed to the offer of Messrs Holmes & Taylor to sell their interest in Birch Close Spring. £500 for the portion flowing south, £200 for the northern half of the portion flowing east and £300 for the southern half of that portion.

21 Oct 1884

The Board resolved that the rights of Glovershaw Beck be negotiated for. Agreed to offer £130.

It was agreed that a ¾ inch tap be fixed in Browgate opposite The Primitive Methodist Chapel until a regular supply can be arranged.

Plans were passed for a Mistal19 in Chapel Field, Westgate for Mr B Lancaster.

16 Dec 1884

The Board agreed to display notices regarding the laying of the water pipes from the town's boundary to Birch Close Spring.

A letter was to be sent to the Wharfedale and Airedale Observer denying the statement that a supper was being provided or promised to members of the Board. Source of information to be demanded.

23 Dec 1884

A letter from A Walker attributing the supper statement to Raphael Ambler who gave an absolute denial. Apology demanded or proceedings to be taken.

Agreed request be made to Midland Railway Co. for the station to be illuminated by gas.

21 April 1885

Plans passed for alterations to Batley House.

5 May 1885

Plans passed for a shop at Shipley Glen for Mt Perry.

7 July 1885

The Board decided that in future they would only employ men who were in arrears of rates if they agreed to 1/3 being retained until the arrears are cleared.

Plans passed for stabling - John Reddihough

28 July 1885

Plans passed for alterations to John Bolton's workshop in Browgate – Joiners, Cabinet Makers, Funeral Directors.

15 Aug 1885

Agreed that a letter be sent to Mr Holden re lack of attention to the trough opposite his gate.

20 Oct 1885

A rate of 2s/- in the pound was fixed. This would realise a sum of £1442-4s-6d in the year.

17 Nov 1885

Seal of the Board affixed to conveyances regarding water rights to Birch Close & Glovershaw Beck.

1 Dec 1885

A reference to the Mission Hall, Woodbottom.

16 March 1886

Dr McVie appointed Medical Officer of Health.

Plans passed for alterations to Masonic Rooms, Northgate.

6 April 1886

The Medical Officer's report included a reference to the “death rate of the area”. This being 17% and compared favourably with other areas.

The nuisance inspector was instructed to take steps to abate the nuisance of a cesspool in the Vicarage Garden.

Stray dogs in the area being a nuisance, it was decided to communicate with the Police Superintendent at Otley.

A rate charge of 10s/- per year for water closets was fixed.

4 May 1886

A proposal by Mr Ambler seconded by Mr Clegg “That water be reconnected to the Fountain” was passed without dissent.

1 June 1886

Plans passed for a new Sunday School adjoining the Moravian Chapel.

6 July 1886

Plans passed for alterations to farm buildings for Hugh Rowling at “Hoyle”20

22 July 1886

Thomas Oddy was to be ordered to remove a large wheel which was an obstruction in Adelaide St.

17 Aug 1886

The Board discussed the question of the bridge of the stream at Low Hill and agreed to approach the Bingley Local Board re this matter – 50% cost.

19 Oct 1886

Mr Hines resigned as the Clerk. Mr Ward appointed as temporary Clerk.

7 Sept 1886

Resolved that a new roller be purchased from Ellison & Fawcett of Skipton £27-10s-0d

21 Sept 1886

Notice was to be server to the Lord of the Manor to fence off dangerous coal pits on the moor.

5 Oct 1886

Letter to the Lord of the Manor to be sent requesting gift of freehold of Kellcliffe “so that it can be filled in”

Water mains to High Fold to be put in.

16 Nov 1886

The Clerk was instructed to obtain from the previous Clerk the conveyance of water rights already executed by the Church and then to obtain the signatures of the various freeholders as requested by the Church Commissioners.

Clerk was appointed to also act as Cow Sheds Inspector.

7 Dec 1886

Agreed that the Board's Roller be “let out” at 3s/6d per day and water cart 5s/- per day. All damages to be paid for.

Plans passed for sheds & chimney – Yorks Ganister Co.

Mr Ward appointed Clerk on a permanent basis at £24 per rear.

21 Dec 1886

The Moravian Trustees were ordered to put their house (38 Browgate) into good condition or pull it down.

4 Jan 1887

A letter from the Prince of Wales was read & acknowledged. This referred to a meeting of Lord Mayors, Chairmen etc. to be held at St James' Palace on 12 inst.

24 Jan 1887

The Board gave permission to Mr Illingworth to land passengers from his boat onto the Board's land at Charlestown. The sum of 6d per annum was to be charged payable 1 Feb.

15 Feb 1887

Plans approved for villa residence21 and farm buildings for Mr Walker at Moorgate subject to cesspool being removed any time at the Board's request.

Agreed that a crossing be put down at the corner of Westgate & Northgate to the Mechanics Institute.

19 April 1887

Baildon Green Cricket Club to be supplied with water at a charge of 15s/- April-Sept. The tap was to be kept locked.

Agreed that a footbridge be erected over the stepping stones across the stream dividing Baildon and Hawksworth if Mr Fawkes of Hawksworth Hall consents.

17 May 1887

Notifications to be sent to Messrs C F Taylor & Co that due to the drought the water supply would be cut off with effect from 25 inst.

25 May 1887 Agreed that Shipley Board supply water to C F Taylor at 9d per 1000 gallons.

The Boars agreed to draw the the Medical Officer's attention to the cellar dwelling of the Curator of the Mechanics Institute.

7 June 1887

The alm (?) dwelling was condemned.

Messrs. Shaw & Sons were to be asked to furnish estimates for a new dial in glass and enamel for the Public Clock.

Plans were passed for farm buildings for Mr R Hardaker.

20 June 1887

Mr J H Ward was reappointed Clerk at a salary of £90 per annum.

Plans approved for a Billiard Room at the Conservative Club.

21 July 1887

The duty of nominating a Govenmor for Otley Grammar School was accepted.

A request was to be made to Mr Walker (Corn Miller) to move his smithy a few yards back from the road.

2 Aug 1887

Mr Clegg of Baildon Hall was to be charged for water used in the house and not by meter.

William Carter's tender to fix the clock dial for £4 was accepted. Mr Shaw to paint the clock dial black and figures in gilt and to ensure the clock was left in going order.

10 Aug 1887

The Board agreed that water supplies be cut off 6pm-7am in order to conserve supplies. The Bell-man was to be instructed to inform the consumers of the arrangement and warn against waste.

The Board agreed to accept Mr Shaw's tender for supplying cast iron dial for public clock 5ft 9in in diameter painted black & gilt for £7.

16 Aug 1887

Mr Lambert was ordered to provide better urinals at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn.

It was decided that the well at Sandal's Pond should be cleaned out.

The surveyor was ordered to have a grip cut out from Birch Close Spring towards Faweather to comply with arrangements made with tenant farmers.

Plans passed for blacksmith's shop for Mr Walker.

Clerk was instructed to inform Mr Lupton of Baildon Lodge that the trough in Slaughter Lane will be supplied with water passing through his land.

20 Oct 1887

Mr Holden made a request to the Board that they take over “The Brass Band” but the Board did not feel they should do so.

It was agreed that the wages of two workmen (Ben Batley & Albert Edmondson) be raised to 22s/- and 19s/- respectively.

4 Oct 1887

The Board discussed a dispute that had arisen with Mr J Denby regarding an alleged infringement on his rights by the Board interfering with a stream near Faweather.

18 Oct 1887

A deputation of ratepayers from Low Hill & Moorside met the Board and requested that a morning delivery of mail be made to their hamlets. The Board agreed to write to the Postmaster.

21 Oct 1887

The Board did not agree to Mr Denby's claim that as part owner of Wood Farm, Faweather he was entitled to the stream running down the side of it.

1 Nov 1887

The Conservative Club was ordered to repair their frontage on the eastern side of the fountain.

6 Dec 1887

Permission was given to Wm Walker (Corn Miller) to put a Fire Plug in his mill but the water would be supplied through a meter.

The Board agreed to sell the fog22 off the land at Charlestown.

Plans passed for a vestry at the Iron Church, Otley Road.

3 Jan 1888

The Board ordered an investigation into a report that a tap had been left “turned on” at Woodbottom School.

Plans passed for a stable and cart shed at Hoyle Farm.

17 Jan 1888

Plans passed for conversion of a stable (out building) for James Saville – Oat Bread maker. Manor Croft.

7 Feb 1888

The Board decided to make a request to the Postmaster General for a Telegraph Office to be opened.

Medical Officer report stated : - Estimated population of Baildon was 6000 persons. Birth rate 25.55 and death rate 14.1%. Mild outbreak of scarlet fever with only 2 cases proving fatal.

21 Feb 1888

Agreed the arrangements be made to take the remaining two thirds of Birch Close Spring for public supply.

Also agreed that a deputation be arranged to approach Colonel Stansfield regarding purchase of water from the spring near the Wesleyan Sunday School, Eldwick.

Plans passed for privies at Westgate School for the Wesleyan Trustees.

20 March

It was reported that Mrs Miriam Halliday had eleven people sleeping in on bedroom, this being a clear case of over-crowding the Board ordered that she abate the nuisance within fourteen days.

17 April 1888

The Board's Stone Yard in Esholt Lane in referred to.

The Board decided to arrange purchase of that portion of Birch Close Spring which flows to Birch Close Farm and to fix the trough as agreed with Mr Holmes and Mr Taylor in the year 1884.

5 June 1888

The surveyor was ordered to remove the gate which is in Ladderbanks Lane which obstructs its use as a bridle path.

The record of interest payments to various sick funds includes the u/m names: - Court Friend in Need, Court Florence Nightingale, Court Flower of the Forest, Court Price Consort and Sanctuary of Prosperity.

19 June 1888

A surface drain at Ford House23 – Mr Randell is referred to.

3 July 1888

The Board agreed to distribute one hundred large posters containing the regulations appertaining to Cow Sheds.

24 July 1888

Clerk was instructed to communicate with the Post Office refarding a Telegraph Office. A revenue of £22 per annum for seven years being guaranteed by resident gentlemen.

The Board agreed to install a tap at Golcar Farm for Mr Marmaduke Anderton.

Plans passed for stable and coach at Kirkfield for Mr Lease.

7 Aug 1888

Plans passed for Cart Shed and Hay Loft in Tentercroft for Mr Whymark.

The Board agreed to the erection of Telegraph Poles in Baildon Road on condition that they be a nice clean colour and not creosoted and they also suggest the poles would be better placed in the fields adjoining the road.

4 Sept 1888

The Board agreed to apply for loan sanction of £1050 for payment of compensation regarding the acquisition of Birch Close Spring.

21 Sept 1888

The Board decided to oppose any move by Yeadon Water Works towards introducing a Bill in Parliament for the purpose of taking water from anywhere within the Baildon Watershed.

16 Oct 1888

The Clerk informed members that Baildon's share of the cost of the new bridge at Buck Mill would be £389. The Board agreed that two plaques be fixed stating details of the date, purpose and conditions which the bridge had been erected.

The purchase of a Wet Gas Meter for the Clock was agreed.

The Board discussed the proposals to merger Baildon with Windhill on an Electoral Division for election of County Councillors.

6 Nov 1888

The Board decided that the Towngate east of the fountain was in need of repair and that Mrs Ambler should be invited to renounce claim to the frontage of her propery. The Board will then carry out repairs.

Tenders from Mr Wilkes & Mr Walsh were invited for painting the Board's cottages.

Plans approved for a Cow Shed for J T Robinson, St James' Place.

20 Nov 1888

Mr Wilk's tender of £5 for painting – accepted.

Plans approved for a villa residence for Mr Speight, Holloway Banks Wood. “Hillboro”

1 Jan 1889

The members of the Board agreed that if necessary a Magistrates Order would be obtained to enforce an entry into Mr Harrison's house in Holden Lane to inspect the same.

Plans passed for a hen cote in Providence Row for Mr Boddy.

15 Jan 1889

The Board discussed Yeadon Waterworks proposals regarding extension of their water-rights and the Act of Parliament permitting this – if passed. It was decided to oppose it. The Quarterly report of the Medical Officer of Health drew the Board's attention to the cellar dwellings in Victoria Street, Woodbottom. They were described as small, low roofed and unhealthy compartments.

Plans passed for house and farm buildings for Mr Bailey Blackburn at Baildon Green.

19 March 1889

A report to the Board was made regarding an employee of Mr Wilkinson of Birch Close emptying the contents of an Ashpit at 3:30 pm Monday 11 inst.

Clerk instructed to inform him that ashpits should be emptied before 9am each day.

A resolution that a Cemetery for the Township be provided was passed without dissent and a Town's meeting was to be arranged after the Board had agreed on a site, probably on the Moor, and obtained from the Lord of the Manor the details of the conditions under which he would allow the same.

A report was made to the Board that Mr Raphael Ambler was using the cellar of his house, No 45 Browgate, as a stable. Agreed to notify him to discontinue.

2 April 1889 The board agreed that Mr Randell be informed that in their opinion he had no control over traffic using Buck Lane.

A meeting on the Moor to select a site for a Town's Cemetery was arranged for 5 April 1889.

7 May 1889

A request was to be made for a morning dispatch of mail from Baildon.

Agreed that Joe Bottomley be employed 8:30 – 4:40 at 15s/- per week as he was an old man and unable to work a full day.

21 May 1889

The County Council were to be urged to widen Baildon Bridge.

4 June 1889

Mr Edward Salt offered twenty one acres of land on Baildon Green to be used as a cemetery. The Board refused to accept this offer for financial reasons.

18 June 1889

Four ratepayers requested that seats be placed on the moor. The Board agreed to seek the permission of the Lord of the Manor and the ratepayers were to bear the expense.

23 July 1889

The Board, having come to the conclusion that the consumption of water exceeded the supplies available, power was to be sought for further gathering grounds on Hawksworth Moor.

A urinal at the Junction Inn was considered not sufficiently private and the owners were requested to place something at the front of the entrance that will hide the interior from the public.

6 Aug 1889

Owners of Bay Horse Inn ordered to turn the urinal and the owners of the Malt Shovel and Angel move the urinals to a less public position.

The volunteers on the Moor were in future to pay £1 per annum for water.

A tender of £5 by Mr Lupton was accepted for the painting of the Board Offices and all street lamps.

23 Aug 1889

The Board discussed the hiring out of the horse and cart and a charge of 8s/- per day was agreed.

17 Sept 1889

Messrs. Barwick and Bottomley of Church Hill were to be asked to move their hens to a more convenient place.

The Medical Officer of Health was to be asked to give his opinion as to the health questions regarding the keeping of pigs under the Junction Inn.

Plans were passed for three pig cotes in Low Fold – T Hutton.

15 Oct 1889

The Trustees of the Wesleyan Chapel Charlestown were to be informed that the Board were surprised that they had been using the towns water for blowing the organ24, the c/c being paid very much to little and future charge would be 30s/- per annum or metered.

The rabbit hutches placed near 51 & 52 Northgate were to be removed.

5 Nov 1889

It was agreed that the seat on the moor be taken into the Moravian School during winter.

Plans passed for stable and hay loft for Thomas Jennings, Manor Fold.

13 Nov 1889

The Board approved a scheme for a new reservoir at Birch Close allotment with a capacity of 30,000,000 gallons of water.

Promotion of Bill of Parliament approved and a ratepayers meeting to be arranged.

19 Nov 1889

It was agreed that the Bray's Lamp at the bottom of Westgate be moved to the old cross and furnished with a large burner.

Plans were passed for a Weft Room at Baildon Mills.