BLBG Minutes 1890-1894

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These are the notes made by Arthur Edwick 1977 of the Baildon Local Board of Guardians for 1890 to 1894 transcribed by Paul Marfell 2009.

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7 Jan 1890

Licenses to keep petroleum were fixed at 1s/- per year subject to the premises being suitable.

Plans approved for the new Wesleyan Chapel.

4 March 1890

The Board discussed the request from Booth and Bairstow of Baildon Mills to purchase the Pinfold for the improvement of their premises. The request was passed to the Lord of the Manor.

17 June 1890

Plans approved for a wooden shop for Joe Matlock in Browgate.

1 July 1890

Two members of the Board reported that they had caught Joseph Halliday (Dennis) stealing water from the Board's reservoir. Agreed that he be written to and warned of the serious consequences if the offence be repeated. Dennis lived at Acre Cottage adjacent to the reservoir and sold water from Acre Well in a cart to villagers who had no mains services or access to any wells.

22 July 1890

Mr Jackson was to be informed that the Fountain can only be supplied with water through a meter.

Agreed that the water cart be repaired by Sam Bell, Bradford.

5 Aug 1890

Mrs. Ambler was to be ordered to remove the pigs from her property in Binswell Fold.

The owners of The Wood Cottage Inn and adjoining property were to be ordered to cleanse the drains of the same.

Plans approved for alterations to the Roebuck Inn.

19 Aug 1890

The butcher who was turning blood into the Beck was to be ordered to refrain from doing so.

Agreed that the next quarter's supply of horse corn be supplied by contract.

Mrs. Wood informed the Board that she was leaving her post as cleaner.

Mrs. Lucy Ellis was offered the post at 4s/- per week.

7 Oct 1890

The School Board was to be allowed to use the Board Room at £10 per annum.

It was agreed that Messrs. Balfour & Co. be allowed to place automatic delivery machines for stamps and cards throughout the village.

18 Nov 1890

The Lord of the Manor agreed to convey his rights in Kellcliffe to the Board.

16 Dec 1890

The Board agreed to request the Midland Railway to lower the price of their passes between Bradford and Baildon.

6 Jan 1891

The Board decided to remove the Bray's two light burner from he Market Cross and place it on one of Mr Hird's pillars.

20 Jan 1891

The Road Sweeping Machine at present on trial was to be kept providing it was equal in performance to the one with wrought iron wheels.

Plans for six houses at Baildon Bridge were approved.

3 Feb 1891

An order was to be placed for one hundred lamp bases ¼ plate glass 1s/- each.

A charge of 10s/- per annum was to be charged to the Wesleyan Trustees for a water closet in the vestry.

3 March 1891

Ford House Laundry is referred to.

17 March 1891

The Board agreed to arrange a loan of £1169 (for the construction of the Weecher Reservoir) from the Friends Provident Institute. A further loan of £6500 was also to be arranged.

21 April 1891

The Board discussed complaints of the nuisance caused by fumes from the brickworks at Baildon Green. The Board agreed to the necessary legal notices regarding the diversion of Langley Lane, this being a Bridle Path & Footway. (Ref Mr Reddihough & Hodgson).

5 May 1891

The Board gave permission to Messrs Walkers at the Corn Mill to lay pipes across Otley Rd for the purpose of taking water from the trough at the bottom of Cliffe Lane.

The Medical Officer reported that the 'flu epidemic showed no sign of abating.

12 May 1891

The Seal of the Board was affixed to the conveyance of land for the new reservoir and easement over land at Birch Close (Messrs Taylor & Holmes).

It was agreed that The Moravian Chapel be supplied with water for organ blowing at a rate of £1-10s per annum.

22 July 1891

The contract for building the Weecher Reservoir was let to J & T Young of Armley.

7 July 1891

Seal of the Board affixed to conveyance of Land from Mr Ferrand to the Board in connection with Weecher Reservoir.

21 July 1891

Agreed that a request be made for an estimate of rent required for a telephone from Bradford to the Local Board Office, and from the Board Office to the new office at the Weecher Waterworks.

A supply of water through a cistern with a Ball Tap was to be arranged for the water trough at Lane End.

Mr Robert Wiseman was to be appointed Clerk of Works at the salary of £120 per annum for Weecher Waterworks.

27 July 1891

Mr Benjamin Batley was appointed temporary Road Foreman & Surveyor. Salary 28/- per week.

1 Aug 1891

Abatement notices were to be served in respect of pigs being kept at Low Hill by a Mr Holdsworth. The nuisance must cease within seven days.

18 Aug 1891

All butchers were to be ordered to remove refuse within twenty four hours of killing away from inhabited houses.

1 Sept 1891

Benjamin Batley was appointed nuisance inspector at a salary of £50 per annum.

Mr E. Taylor's tender of £4 was accepted for the painting of the 142 lamps & pillars throughout the township.

15 Sept 1891

The owner of the Wood Cottage Inn was to be ordered to remove the urinals to a more inconspicuous position within twenty eight days.

Plans approved for House & Outbuildings for Mr David Bentley, Moorgate.

6 Oct 1891

Plans approved for a new school at Tong Park.

20 Oct 1891

As Brewing has now ceased at the Malt Shovel Inn, it was agreed that the water meter be removed.

New Bye-laws submitted for approval to the Local Government Board.

Plans approved for three houses in Northgate. J Halliday.

28 Oct 1891

The Board agreed that an approach be made to the Midland Railway for an early train from Baildon to cater for work people compelled to find work in Bradford.

17 Nov 1891

Agreed that £3694 be borrowed for the new sewerage scheme, also £400 for the “laying out” of Kellcliffe.

Permission to be sought from the Lord of the Manor to take soil from the moor to Kellcliffe.

1 Dec 1891

Increased borrowing for sewerage scheme to be arranged (£5000).

The clerk reported that he had been asked to attend the inquest on the body of one:- William Carney who was killed last Tuesday night by falling over the “eaves” into an old quarry, the night being dark and foggy.

The Jury at the inquest desired him to convey the following decisions to the Local Board:-

That the quarries and other dangerous places on the moor or Baildon Common Lands should be fenced off and the local Board be requested to take up this matter with “the Lord of the Manor”.

The Board ordered “the Lord of the Manor” to fence off the quarry and other places that have been excavated.

The Board decided that a Handrail should be fixed on the side of the Mechanics Institute.

15 Dec 1891

Mr Maude & Mr Walker, and the Trustees of the Primitive Methodist Church were ordered to remove all privies directly connected to the Beck course.

A letter from the Postmaster was read to the Board, informing them that in future letters would be delivered to residents over Baildon Moor three days in the week.

A special report on the scarlet fever epidemic was read to the Board.

Plans passed for Coal Place, Ash Pit & Cart Shed for Baildon Cooperative

23 Dec 1891

An application was to be made to the Shipley Board regarding the use of their Isolation Hospital by Baildon Residents.

Mr Garnett, the Manor Bailiff, reported to the Board on the dangerous state of Load Pit Bridge, the Board did not accept the liability.

5 Jan 1892

The Board discussed the offer of the Shipley Local Board to send their Fire Engine to any fires in the Baildon area for a payment of £15 per annum. No decision was taken until local mill owners had been consulted.

19 Jan 1892

Plans approved for a stable at Springfield House – Mr John Robson.

2 Feb 1892

Seal of the Board affixed to conveyance of Kellcliffe to the Local Board from the Lord of the Manor.

15 March 1892

Mr Joseph Jennings ordered to remove his pigs from Manor Fold.

5 April 1892

Mr Fawkes was to be offered £750 for Horncliffe Beck. This being an easement required for water.

3 May 1892

A further offer of £825 for impounding water from Horncliffe Beck.

21 June 1892

The Board ordered a sample of water from Kellcliffe Well be analysed by Mr Whitelegg.

A reference is made to Public Gardens on the moor.

Excavations on the moor to be filled in.

Joseph Jennings once again ordered to remove his pigs from Manor Fold.

5 July 1892

A summons was to be applied for against Mr Watson to show cause why the well in Kellcliffe should not be closed.

Plans passed for a Wood Refreshment Hut in the Mill yard – J Hill & Matlock.

19 July 1892

The construction of a Sewerage Works was approved by the Local Government Board.

Four thousand pounds to be borrowed from the Friends Provident Institution.

The Board agreed that in future a charge of 1s/- would be made for any document or part of a document required from the Board.

The Medical Officer's Quarterly Report included a suggestion that the Church Yard and the old part of the Moravian burial ground should be closed. Also the crowded state of Fountain Fold and Ash pit in Binswell Fold were referred to.

The Board agreed to make application to Home Office for closure of the above mentioned burial grounds.

Mr Alder Wallbank was to be given three days notice to remove the closet that was emptying into the Beck.

2 Aug 1892

It was agreed that the Post Office opening near the Shoulder of Mutton be called Tong Park Post Office.

The Board ordered the Privy on top of Kellcliffe Bridge to be removed and the cottage pulled down when Mr Raistrick gives up possession.

The Boards condolences were expressed regarding the death of one of the workmen at the waterworks.

19 Sept 1892

It was agreed that a portion of the boulder on the road leading to Moorside should be cut off as it is an obstruction.

20 Sept 1892

It was decided that screw plugs should be fit to the water trough fed by the Board's supply at Faweather, and the troughs were to be cleaned out.

20 Nov 1892

A Tumbler Slop Cart was to be purchased. £22-10s/- also a Brown More from Mr R Horner £39.

6 Dec 1892

Plans approved for Central Schools & Offices.

17 Jan 1893

A petition from seven ratepayers was presented to the Board asking for a supply of water to Shipley Glen: - Agreed a 3 inch water main to be laid after a route had been ascertained according to the residents requirements.

The Medical Officers report included a suggestion that the water to Bank Top Farm be analysed.

The Board agreed to purchase 4 off 25 yard lengths of hard woven canvas hose with instantaneous couplings and ask them to send on approval a one horse cart with a 40 foot telescopic ladder. Price £24.

An application was to be made to the Local Government Board for Fire Fighting Equipment.

7 Feb 1893

Mrs Thomas Hartley was to be ordered to remove the cess-pool of her house on the Glen, the cess-pool being near the stream which was the water supply to the residents on the Glen.

21 Feb 1893

A meeting of freeholders was to be called to discuss their position regarding Manorial Rights.

Doctor MacVie was reappointed Medical Officer of Health. The Medical Officer of Health reported that the water in Kellcliffe Well was unfit to drink.

Half guinea subscription was agreed to the National Footpath Association.

The opening of the new sewerage works was fixed for 18 March 1893. The chairman was to perform the opening ceremony.

The road leading from Westgate to Bedlam Steps was to be repaired at the owners expense.

The Board agreed to petition the Lord Chancellor to appoint more Magistrates for the District.

Plans approved for Bakehouse and Stable for Mr James Saville. Manor Croft.

21 March 1893

A trace horse was to be provided whilst the sewer was being laid in Browgate.

Alterations to the Blacksmith's Shop at Baildon Bridge were to be agreed upon between the Clerk and Mr Walker.

6 April 1893

A further order was to be placed for a curricule and Fire Escape with hose piping.

2 May 1893

The Board agreed to draw the attention of the County Council to the nuisance being caused by dead dogs being thrown into the river which flooded over the weir and caused an offensive smell.

The Board intended to draw the attention of the Lord of the Manor to the disused coal pit at Brantcliff and quarrying taking place under the footpath at Bank Top.

A new cart was to be ordered from Samuel Halliday for £15.

A letter from the Lord of the Manor regarding troops from Bradford being allowed to camp on the moor in the event of a cholera epidemic was discussed and the reply agreed upon: that the suggestion was insanitary and the Board objected to it.

16 May 1893

Agreed that printed notices be posted prohibiting dead animals being thrown into the river Aire and its tributaries.

The water in Binns Well was to be analysed.

A further £5000 was to be borrowed for the waterworks.

6 June 1893

A new set of harness to be purchased, also a new bell for the Town Crier.

The drain leading to the water trough at the bottom of Tentercroft to be cleaned out.

Mr Clegg's offer of £17-10s for the chestnut horse was accepted.

4 July 1893

The Bellman was instructed to warn the ratepayers against wasting water.

18 July 1893

A circular regarding the Thornhill Pit disaster and the Board agreed to keep a subscription list in the Boards Office and invite collections to be made at local churches.

Plans for two classrooms at Wellfield Sunday School passed.

1 Aug 1893

A report was discussed regarding two children recovering from scarlet fever on a visit to relatives in Westfield Terrace being allowed to mix with other children, there being a danger to public health. Mrs Bradley, the grandma, was to be written to regarding the gravity of the offence.

It was resolved that the water supplies be turned off on alternate day only.

Plans passed for an additional room over the classrooms at Wellfield Moravian Sunday School.

Plans passed for Colonel Maude to have a pig sty at Baildon Hall.

22 Aug 1893

The Clerk reported pollution of water by ducks and geese at Low Hill. The offenders were to be given notice to discontinue the offence. The Clerk's action was approved by the Board.

5 Sept 1893

The owners of property at Low Hill were to be requested to pipe the stream from Joe's Well to prevent pollution.

The Board agreed to take legal action against George Shuttleworth for selling bad fish at Woodbottom on 30th inst. (?)

Plans passed for a Cow Shed, Coach House and Pig Sty for J Metcalfe, Glovershaw Farm.

19 Sept 1893

The Board informed the County Council that they were willing to pay a moiety of the cost of repairing Load Pit Bridge.

Notice was given to the Lord of the Manor to fence off the pit shafts on Baildon Moor and the disused quarry on the Glen.

3 Oct 1893

The Board agreed that the Lord of the Manor be informed that: - as the Board had always taken shale off the Moor to repair the roads the Board did not feel justified in paying his claim.

The Board unanimously agreed to apply for partial repeal or alteration of Baildon Board Water Act of 1890 as may be necessary for extending borrowing powers of the Board to a further sum of nine thousand pounds in addition to the respective sums of £16000 and £5000 mentioned in the said act.

17 Oct 1893

The Board agreed that a letter be sent to the Lord of the Manor pointing out that permission or payment to take shale off the Moor had never before been considered and it had always been taken without question of permission or payment.

Agreed that a letter be sent to the Lord of the Manor in answer to his demand for payment.

Application to be made to the Lord Chancellor requesting appointment of two Magistrates for Baildon District.

7 Nov 1893

The Committee which had managed The Fair requested that the Board, in future, accept responsibility. (Agreed )

Plans approved for Wood Shop in William St. for Edward Moss.

10 Nov 1893

An outbreak of smallpox was reported to the Board and the cases, which occurred at 48 Lowerholme had been removed to Shipley Isolation Hospital. The Board ordered that their bedding be destroyed.

21 Nov 1893

The Agent of Esholt Hall Estate conveyed a letter from Mr Crompton Stansfield to the Board offering a cart load of rhododendron bushes to the Board if they agreed to plant them in front of Ghyl Beck Sewerage Works. The Board offered their thanks and agreed to accept them.

A request was made to the Local Government Board to extend the period of the repayment of the £5000 loan to fifty years instead of thirty so as to avoid an unfair burden on the present generation of ratepayers.

5 Dec 1893

One of Mrs. Frank's sons came to the Board meeting to request replacement of bed linen destroyed when his mother entered the isolation hospital.

The Clerk was directed to purchase the needful items.

A Notice of Action to Recover Payment for shale taken from the moor was received from the Lord of the Manor. Messrs. Wade, Billbrough and Booth were to be engaged to defend the action.

Plans for extension to the Farmhouse at Glovershaw were approved.

20 Dec 1893

Charles Franks made a request to the Board for compensation for loss of wages through their remaining in quarantine after his mother had entered the Isolation Hospital.

Agreed to payment of £2.

The Board accepted the offer of the Moravian Committee to place a lamp at the top of Bedlam Steps if the Board would provide the light.

Further borrowing powers under the Water Act were to be applied for - £12000.

2 Jan 1894

The Lord of the manor was given fourteen days to connect the drains of Baildon Hall and adjacent property to the sewer in Low Baildon Road.

6 Feb 1894

Reference was made to a Watering Trough in West Lane.

The Board agreed that a charge of 2s/6d for water troughs in land. Rate of 2s/6d per acre of land.

Mr. Dewhirst, Old Glen House was to be allowed to use the Board's water for a vertical boiler at 5s/- per annum.

The Board ordered that the pond on top of the quarry on Baildon Green be filled up.

14 Feb 1894

Reference was made to a new channel in the road from the Bay Horse to the Post Office. Cockerton's Browgate.

6 March 1894

Arrangements were to be made for samples to be taken of all milk sold in the district and the same to be analysed.

The Board agreed that all patients sent to the isolation hospital be paid for out of the rates.

A deputation from Baildon Green requested that the pond there not be filled up as it was the only place where geese and ducks could get water.

3 April 1894

The charge to the Board School was to be £5 per annum for water.

The Board agreed that Mr T M Holmes be the last Chairman of the Board.

17 April 1894

Water charges for the Wesleyan School were fixed at 10s/- per annum, this included the school.

1 May 1894

The seal of the Board was afixed to the agreement to take no more burnt shale from the Moor without the consent of the Lord of the Manor.

22 May 1894

An offer to Mr Holden was made giving him the right to fish in the new reservoir for a fee of £15 per annum.

5 June 1894

Offer to Mr Holden refused by him.

The stable occupied by Raphael Ambler was to have drains connected to the sewer.

Plans approved for alterations to the Moravian Minister's House.

19 June 1894

A petition to support Alex Atkinson's scheme for pensions to be adopted locally was discussed by the Board.

It was agreed to support it on a National level but not desirable locally.

Plans approved for two houses at Bash End for the Rev Joseph Haley of Bradford.

3 July 1894

The Clerk was requested to interview Mr Alder Wallbank and Mr Barraclough regarding water charges for trade purposes. Also Mr Halliday for water used in the Feast Ground.

Plans approved for a temporary Coach House at Low Hill – Mr James Booth.

17 July 1894

Mr James Bray appointed to supervise clay puddle at Weecher. Salary 35s/- per week.

24 July 1894

Mr David Bentley was to be requested to raise the chimney of his bakehouse at Moorgate.

Agreed to borrow £9000 from Bradford Corporation for Waterworks.

Mary Clegg was ordered to drain the Wood House near the Railway Arch in a satisfactory manner.

7 Aug 1894

Joshua Bell was ordered to remove his Pigeon Cote from West Fold.

21 Aug 1894

Fred Watson ordered to remove his pigeon cote from the top of an ash pit in West Fold.

Mr Robert Wiseman was to be sacked and also his men.

Wiseman to receive one months wages in lieu of notice.

4 Sept 1894

The Midland Railway was to be urged to retain the 5:40 am train service and a suggestion to be made for a £1 season ticket. Baildon – Bradford valid for three months.

Mr Joe Jennings was given fourteen days to erect two closets in Manor Fold.

It was agreed to provide Macintoshes and hats for the workmen in bad weather.

18 Sept 1894

The Board agreed that five ratepayers should inspect the Boards Books of accounts.

Plans approved for a Cow Shed for Moses Thackray, Charlestown.

2 Oct 1894

Mr Wiseman's application for a testimonial was refused.

Mr Benjamin Batley was appointed surveyor.

One horse was sold, and workmen to be informed that as the improvement work was nearly finished their services would no longer be required.