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== Summary ==

Thanks for using the Baildon Wiki. I hope you find it useful.

The Purpose

The purpose of the BaildonWiki is to collect together information related to Baildon. It is not meant to provide the visitor with information about what is happening in Baildon now. There are other websites where you can find out what is happening - for example the Baildon Village website is supposed to be for current news and information but I have fallen behind with that. For current topics try facebook or the Baildon Town Council website here.

This Wiki is for facts about the Baildon of the past. But what is the past you might ask. I think it is a good idea to add content almost as things happen. It might not be considered history but let's record these things so that we stand a chance of getting an accurate record instead of waiting until it is thought of as history and people have forgotten what happened.

How it came about

As a result of the Bradford Council's Urban Village Initiative the Baildon Future's Partnership was created. Between 2005 and 2006 the partnership worked on many aspects that were of interest to the residents of Baildon. One such item was a web site for the community. As a result the Baildon Community Council took on the task of specifying and co-ordinating the creation of the Baildon Village website. This Wiki was created to compliment the village website.


I (Paul Marfell) started BaildonWiki when working on the early stages of the Baildon Village Website. The Content Management System (CMS) for the village web site suited most of the needs of Baildon on the web. However a Wiki is ideally suited to capturing and cultivating information. There are many people in Baildon who have a great deal of information to share. A Wiki is an ideal way to share that information.


One of the great things about Wikis is that you are supposed to be able to contribute. Unfortunately due to hundreds of people promoting such things as World of Warcraft, Plumbing in China, Titanium extraction etc. etc. I have removed the ability to register. If you want to contribute you will have to email me details. I will investigate a safer way of having contributors but at the moment it is down to me, Paul Marfell.

I am sure everyone has some story that they would like to relate. Tell us about the bottles you found in the pits on the moors. Tell us about the concrete road on Baildon Green. Who built it?

The Software

The BaildonWiki is a Wiki based on the MediaWiki software. It uses the same software as WikiPedia

What is a Wiki though?

Your web master, Paul Marfell, has tried to present the system in a way that will enable people to find out how to use it without being swamped with to much detail.