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The area near the bridge over the river Aire just before Shipley.

Baildon Bridge Mill Two Loom Riots. 1856.

On 29 Sept 1856 Mr. C F Taylor, the first tenant of the rebuilt Baildon Bridge Mills after it being destroyed by fire, narrowly escaped with his life. He had tried to set up a "two loom" system but the workforce were determined not to "mind" two looms. It is said that every window in the mill was smashed and Mr Taylor only escaped by getting across the "goit" of the river to his brother's house. Several rioters were imprisoned and the "two loom" system carried out.

This story is taken from Shipley Times and Express - Wednesday 26 September 1956 which was taken from their article of Sept 28 1906 where they were reporting on the event from 50 years earlier. The article of 26 Sept 1956 was reproducing an article from 50 years earlier that was about an event 50 years earlier than that.[1]

Lightning Strike. Aug 1924

A lightning strike took place at the Airedale Mills, Baildon Bridge, Tuesday afternoon when about a hundred woolcombers left work owing to a dispute concerning bonus payments. It is understood that the matter will be considered the management, and the strikers returned to work on Wednesday morning.[2]

Baildon Bridge Improvement. 1932

Shipley Times and Express - Saturday 24 September 1932
A new bridge is be constructed by the West Riding County Council across the River Aire at Baildon Bridge, Shipley. 
The new bridge, which is to be on the Shipley—Otley main road, will cost approximately £20,000, and will provide a carriageway 45 ft. wide and two footpaths each 7 ft. 6 in. wide.
The preparatory work, which includes the erection of a temporary bridge on the east side of the existing bridge and the demolition of a nearby building, has already been commenced.
The present structure, from which the Baildon Bridge district takes its name, is one of the principal gateways to Baildon Wharfedale, and the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire. During recent years the traffic in this direction has grown such an enormous extent that the bridge has become quite unsuitable for modern requirements.
In the past, the narrowness of the road at this point has been a source of considerable danger, which was accentuated by the fact that the Shipley tram terminus is situated within a few yards of the Shipley end of the bridge. 
With the erection of the new bridge, however, much of this danger will be removed. The approach will also be improved the demolition of the Providence Foundry, old building which was purchased the Shipley Council for this purpose some years ago.
Mr. Herbert Dawson (the surveyor to the Shipley Council) said, in an interview, that the temporary bridge, which is now being built, will be ft. wide, and will provide accommodation for one footpath and two lines of traffic. From the Shipleyside of the river it will be approached through the yard fronting the Airedale Works of Messrs. Wicksteed and Andreae. 
The whole of the construction work is to be carried out by a well-known Manchester firm of engineers, and is expected that the scheme will be completed in about two years' time.

Building Use

1 Green Lane

  • The Sandwich Shack. 2018
  • Baildon Nibbles. 2017
  • Cookie's Cafe. 2016
  • Snack Shack. 2015
  • Baildon Butties. 2013
  • The Cabin. 2008

47 Baildon Bridge

  • J Myers. 1939. Coal & Coke Merchant,[3]

Bridge Garage.

  • Reliance Motors. 1964.[4]


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