Baildon Methodist Church

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Baildon Methodist Church
Address Newton Way
Postcode BD17 5NH
Built 1890
Architect Mr Hubert Isitt
Style Romanesque
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A church with entrances off Newton Way and Binswell Fold, Westgate, though Newton Way was built many years after the church.

The following information has been taken from the Baildon Methodists Website.[1]

Architect Mr Hubert Isitt

The previous Methodist chapel was often founf to be too small so in order to accommodate 450 people, mainly in the body of the Church, an additional plot of land was bought from the Baildon Industrial Co-operative Society. This land is the area on which the front part of the present Church and Sanctuary now stands.

The report of Mr Isitt was accepted and on May 3 1890, a stone laying ceremony was held. The proceedings were led by the minister of the Church, the Rev. Charles Crawshaw and the reading was given by the Circuit Superintendent, the Rev. William H Clogg. The Chairman of the Halifax and Bradford District, the Rev. Featherstone Kellett, was also present and it is interesting to note that in those insular days, the prayers were led by the Moravian minister, the Rev. J W Davey.

The corner stone was laid by Mr John Reddihough, who provided £735, half the cost of the building. This corner stone included a bottle in a central cavity, containing a copy of the Methodist Recorder, a copy of Joyful New Experience, a Circuit plan, the names of the Trustees and the Building Committee, a ‘short historical account of Baildon Wesleyan Methodism since 1740’ a ‘circular of that day’s proceedings’ and two copper coins. He was presented by Mr Charles Burrell, secretary of the Trustees, with a commemorative silver trowel and an oak mallet made from the wood of the old Church.

Mr John Denby, who had given £50, then laid the first memorial stone and was presented with his trowel and mallet by Mr Crawshaw. Mr James Boocock laid a stone on the right of the main entrance, after which the children who had been collecting for the Building Fund, placed their contributions on Mr Boocock’s stone. These amounted to £19.11s.1d. He was presented with a hymnbook and an oak mallet by Mr Pickles Constantine. The stones in the lintels of the door were laid by two ladies. Miss Thresh, who had given £10, received her presentation from the Superintendent and Miss Craig (£25) was presented with her trowel and mallet by Mr Crawshaw; Mr George H Hodgson (£10) by the District Chairman and Mr John H Beaver (£10) by Mr Joseph Curtis. After the collection was taken, an address was given by the Chairman of the District. Tea was served in the Sunday School, followed by a public meeting, at which Mr Thomas Craig presided. Proceeds for the day amounted to £170.

The opening service should have taken place on October 28. Various notable preachers were approached, including the President and Secretary of Conference. None were able to make this date, but the Secretary of Conference in his reply said that if the opening was moved to December 2 he would come. This was done and the Church was opened on that day at 3pm by Mrs Reddihough. The sermon at the Dedication Service was preached by the Rev. D J Waller, Secretary of Conference. The service was followed by tea in the Moravian Sunday School.

The total cost of the Church was £1470.4s. This was made up as follows : Mr Thomas Myers (mason) £595; Mr Deacon (joiner) £499; Mr R D Taylor (plumber) £134; Mr Hartley (slater) £80; Wilks & Sons (plasterers) £66.10s; Mr E W Walker (painted) £24; extra moulding in ceiling £15; architect £70; land and associated costs £36.14s. Before building began the Church had received subscriptions or firm promises amounting to £904.2s. In addition to Mr Reddinhough’s £735, the subscribers included Mrs Burwin and Mr John H Beaver, £50 each; Mr Nutt, Mr P Constantine, Mr William Nutt and Mr Charles Burrell, £10 each; Miss Thresh and Mr Joseph Booth, £5 each; Mr Thomas Denbigh £3; Mr John Bentley £2.2s; Mr Davenport £2 and 12 donations of £1. Miss Craig’s £25 and the £50 from Mr Denby were not included in this list for some unexplained reason.

The foundation stones mentioned above can be seen in this gallery.


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