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Baildon Moor is a registered urban common that consists of 739 acres of grassy moorland with some woodland and streams. A group of volunteers got together, championed by Malcolm Leyland, and formed the Friends of Baildon Moor. They are recognised and supported by Bradford Council's Countryside Service. Their purpose is:

  • to work in collaboration with Bradford Metropolitan District Council and others to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of Baildon Moor; and
  • to promote Baildon Moor as an open space amenity of education, recreation and leisure time in the interests of social welfare and with the objective of enhancing the quality of life of those living, working near or visiting Baildon Moor.

They have their own website at and can be found on facebook.

Three of the notable features of Baildon Moor are the Baildon Reservoirs on Bingley Road. The first dates back to 1850. The Baildon Reservoirs page has more details.

FoBM Prosider article

A scan of a Friends of Baildon Moor article in the 2009 copy of Prosider.

There is also a flickr group that was created to go with the Friends of Baildon Moor. You can view their photos [1].

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