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Page originally called Baildon Parish Council. Baildon Parish Council changed their name to Baildon Town Council

Getting Started

There is a legal procedure to follow in forming a Parish Council. Bradford Metropolitan District Council (in 2005) are encouraging local communities to form Parish Councils.


The first step in getting a Parish/Town Council is to get a petition with a signature count of more than 10% of the electorate. In 2005 a petition, which said: "We the undersigned wish to petition the Secretary of State for the formation of a parish council for the town of Baildon to be called Baildon Town Council. The Proposed Parish Council will cover an area as outlined on the attached map." was handed in to Shipley Area Committee. At the time Baildon had 12,836 electors and 1332 valid names where on the petition which represented 10.37%. The petition was therefore valid.

Shipley Area Committee at its meeting held on 7 December 2005 considered the petition and resolved (amongst other things):

  • That the Secretary of State be notified of the petition.
  • That residents of Esholt be consulted on whether they wished Esholt to be part of the Baildon Town Council proposal.
  • That a ballot of electors in the proposed area (which includes Esholt if residents are in favour of being part of Baildon Town Council) take place between the 9 to 27 January 2006 asking electors whether they are in favour of establishing a Town Council for Baildon (Yes/No).

Who originated the signature collection?


150 letters were sent out to registered electors in Esholt providing information on parish councils and asking the question "If a Baildon Parish Council is established should Esholt be included?"

33 responses were returned

Yes 14
No 18
Undecided 1

On the basis of these returns and following consultation with the Chair and Ward councillors of Esholt the boundaries of the proposed Town Council were not amended to include Esholt.


Following the petition a postal ballot was held in 2006, (which month?) excluding Esholt, where the question was "Do you agree with the proposal to establish a Parish Council for Baildon?" and the response was:

Yes 3275
No 1571
Majority for the proposal 1704
Rejected 15
Returned undelivered 36
Ballot Papers issued 12,818
Percentage poll 37.92%

As a result, in March 2006, the Shipley Area Committee resolved, amongst other things,

  • That a recommendation be made to the Secretary of State supporting the establishment of a parish council for Baildon.
  • That any information produced relating to the petition should state Parish Council and not Town Council.

There were various consultations about naming and councillor numbers and 12 came out as favourite. There were objections about the originally proposed ward names though no clear alternative suggestions were made so the names proposed at a meeting of Baildon Community Council were adopted.

Draft Ward Name Proposed Ward Name
Belmont West
Baildon Moor North
Jenny Lane East
Tong Park South East
Ferniehurst South
Baildon Green South West

In 2007 Baildon got its own Parish Council with up vacancies for 12 councillors, 2 per ward.

The nominations for the 2007 elections on May 3rd were as shown in the table below. Two wards had 3 nominations and therefore an election was held for those 2 wards. The names in bold are those that were elected. Baildon South West had no nominations.

Ward Polling District Electors
Total 14071
Nominations. Bold indicates elected. Number in brackets is vote count.
West Ward - Belmont 1A 1,660
Ballot papers 782
Poll 47.11%
Election Derek Ernest Green (344), Peter Hartingdon (Independent) (376) and Roger L'Amie (561)
North Ward - Baildon Moor 1B 2,186 No Contest Mark Nicholas Fisher and Valerie Margaret Townend
East Ward - Jenny Lane 1C 2,367
Ballot papers 857
Poll 36.21%
Election Joanne Marie Crowther (552), George William Everall (Independent) (344) and Paul Richard Marfell (488)
South East Ward - Tong Park 1E & 1F 1,860 No Contest Debbie Davies and Eddie Ward
South Ward - Ferniehurst 1G, 1H & 1J 3,466 No Contest Stephen Albert Heaton and Renee Lancaster
South West Ward - Baildon Green 22A & B 2,532(previous) No Contest No Candidates

Early Days

The first official meeting of the Baildon Parish Council was held on 14th May 2007 at 7:00pm in Ian Clough Hall. The nominated and elected people had met previously, 9th May 2007, in a side room of the Ian Clough Hall so that proper officers from Bradford Council could talk through the up and coming meeting and discuss the responsibilities being taken on.

Prosider Dec 2007

A scan of the December 2007 Prosider "Baildon Local News".

Councillors by surname

List of councillors (sorted by surname)
Name Date Ward Responsibilities/Interests
Kathy Andrews Co-opted June 2011-2015 South East
Joseph Ashton Co-opted Oct 2008-2011
Appointed 2011-2015
South Vice Chair 2010-2011
Chair 2011-2012
Sarah Breen 2020 South
Leslie Brook Appointed 2011-2015 South West
Alan Clubb In office 2021 East
Denis Colman Co-opted July 2007-2011 South East
Vicky Christensen May 2019- South West
Joanne Crowther Appointed 2007-Resigned Dec 2008 East Xmas Lights 2008-
Carnival 2008
Debbie Davies Appointed 2007-Resigned May 2009 South East Youth Champion 2007-
Gill Dixon In office 2020 East
Anne-Marie Dooley In office 2019 West
Sue Hewitson In office 2021 South East
Mark Fisher Appointed 2007-2011
Appointed 2011-2015
North Chair 2007-2008
Vice Chair 2008-2010
Chris Flecknoe Appointed 2011-2015 East Vice Chair 2011-2012
Peter Haley Appointed at meeting Mon 9 Feb 2009 East Planning Review Committee
Peter Hartingdon Elected 2007-2011
Elected for 2011-2015
West Planning Review Committee 2007-2009 (Chair 2008 -2009)
Stephen Heaton Appointed 2007-July 2008 resigned South Planning Review Committee 2007 - 2008
Roger Lamie Elected 2007-2011
Elected 2011-2015
West Eco warrior 2008 -
Staffing Committee 2007-
Renee Lancaster Appointed 2007-2011 South Baildon in Bloom 2007-2011
Barney Lerner Co-opted June 2011-2015 South East
Rebecca Malekottodjary Co-opted Oct 2007-Resigned South West Staffing Committee 2007-
Paul Marfell Elected 2007-2011 East Vice-Chair 2007-2008
Chair 2008 -
Planning Review Committee 2007 -
(Chair 2007-2008)
Parish Council Liaison Rep. 2007-
Staffing Committee 2007-2011
Alan Martin Co-opted Feb 2010-2011
Appointed 2011-2015
South West Planning - 2011
Stephen Place In office 2019 South East
David Reed In office 2020 West
Paul Sharkey In office 2019 North
Alan Smith Co-opted Oct 2007-2011 South West Baildon in Bloom 2007 - 2010
Chair 2010-2011
Marian Taylor Appointed 2011-2015 South East
Denise Thomas Co-opted July 2009-2011 South East
Maggie Town In office 2019 North
Val Townend Appointed 2007-2011
Appointed 2011-2015
Eddie Ward Appointed 2007-Resigned May 2008 South East

Councillors by ward

The names in bold should be the latest councillors in the list but not necessarily the current councillors.

List of councillors by Ward
Ward Name
South East Eddie Ward
Debbie Davies
Denis Colman
Denise Thomas
Marian Taylor
Barney Lerner
Kathy Andrews
Stephen Place
Sue Hewitson
North Mark Fisher
Val Townend
Maggie Town
Paul Sharkey
South West Alan Smith
Rebecca Malekottodjary
Alan Martin
Leslie Brook
Vicky Christensen
East Joanne Crowther
Peter Haley
Paul Marfell
Chris Flecknoe
Alan Clubb
Gill Dixon
West Peter Hartingdon
Roger Lamie
David Reed
Anne-Marie Dooley
South Renee Lancaster
Stephen Heaton
Sarah Breen
Joseph Ashton


The Parih Council appointed their first warden, Keith North, in October 2008. He resigned March 2010.

Mark Scrimshaw was recruited as warden June 2011.