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Butterfields was a large sheet metal works on Otley Road, Baildon. They made tanks and drums.

The page about Roberts Park, Woodbottom deals with some of the history of the Butterfield's site. After Butterfield's closed some of their buildings were used for a variety of small industrial and commercial businesses including G P Gill Tree Services(??). The stretch of Otley Road from Lower Holme to the railway bridge was redeveloped and Berry Drive and Berry Close (residential) created. Some of the businesses to use the new properties were H C Slingsby Industrial Equipment Supplier (moved into the building 2006), Allan Jeffries BMW Bike Dealership (new building opened 19 Nov 2010), Tesco Express, Baildon Road Service Centre, Honesty Dental Care (moved to Kirkgate, Shipley), Nuffield Health and Wellbeing, and Stainforth Construction.

Company History

Note that some of this is related to the Butterfield company that had more premises than the one on Otley Road and so may not quite relate to Baildon.

1864 Company established.

In 1898 William Butterfield bought a plot of land in Baildon Woodbottom, next to C F Taylor's Mill, from Salt's Mill Company on which they built their Galvanising Works. Nine years later he bought the neighbouring plot to extend the business.[1]

C F Taylor's mill went around behind the houses of Lower Holme. This plot had been bought from Salt's Mill Company by C F Taylor in 1862. All this land, and land between Baildon Road and Cliffe Lane, had been bought by Salts from the Lord of the Manor of Baildon, Miss Anna Jane Meek in 1850, and may have been considered as possible sites for what was later Salt's Mill and Saltaire[1]

C F Taylor's mill was very prominent at the bottom of Baildon Road across from the junction with Otley Road.

1917 Advert for Tanks, Cisterns and Cylinders.[2]

1919 Advert for Tanks, Cisterns and Cylinders.[3]

1925 Purchased the whole of the patterns and drawings of Concords.[4]

1927 Patent - Improvements in and relating to ash bins or the like.[5]

1929 Local advert for Dolly Tubs and Wringer Stands[6]

1931 Patent - Improvements in and relating to wringing machine stands.[5]

In the 1937 British Industries Fair catalogue Butterfield's was listed as Builders of Tanks, Tubs, Water Butts and Dust Bins. Cylinders and Cisterns. Galvanized Wash Tubs. Street Litter Bins. Petrol and Oil Tanks. Wringer Stands. Corrugated Rain Water Tanks. Air Receivers. Cattle Troughs. Coal Bunkers. With an address of Tank Works, Shipley, Yorkshire. Telephone: 581 (5 lines). Telegraphic Address: "Tanks, Shipley".. In the catalogue they were shown as having stand No A.601 under the Hardware, Ironmongery and Brass foundry/Farm and Garden Equipment Section. They had adverts on p344 & 504 of the catalogue.[7]

1937 Tank manufacturers.[8]

1952 Butterfield's buy Roberts Park, Woodbottom from Baildon Urban District Council to extend their buildings further.[1]

1959 Acquired Bradley and Co. Butterfield Group was a growing conglomerate.[5]

1961 Engineers specialising in the manufacture of industrial plant, tanks, road tankers including underground storage tanks, water tanks, domestic holloware, dustbins and galvanised equipment for agriculture. 757 employees.[9]

1963 A J Butterfield, chairman of W P Butterfield, announces disappointing results.[10]

1964 Formed Harcostar as a joint venture with G. A. Harvey and Co [11]

1964 Exhibit at Commercial Motor Show Sept 1964

1965 Four senior executives appointed as special directors of W. P, Butterfield Ltd. Mr. J. K. Williamson (group. secretary) becomes special director-secretarial: Mr. K. A. Bales (group projects manager) - production: Mr. Leslie Jones (group exports manager) - exports: and Mr. E. G. Green (group accountant) - accountancy. Mr. Williamson becomes chairman of Halladay's Ltd. (metal pressings) and Halladay's Drop Forgings Ltd., of Birmingham, two or the Butterfield member companies.[12]

1969 Butterfield announce a pre-tax group profit of £481,200 as at March 31, 1969, as compared with £663,145 earned last year.Chairman Mr. R. M. Davenport[13]

1966 Merged with Shelvoke and Drewry of Letchworth, Hertfordshire. Shelvoke was a manufacturer of special purpose commercial vehicles including waste collection vehicles, , gully emptiers, fire engines, buses and fork-lift trucks. They also made equipment for the General Post Office and the Royal Air Force.[14][15]

1966 A. J. Butterfield retired from the chairmanship of the company.[16]

1968 Butterfields to display on Stand 108 of Commercial Motor Show, Earl's Court. 20-28 Sept 1968[17]

1970 W. P. Butterfield and Co, a publicly quoted engineer and metal fabricator, and G. A. Harvey and Co, a public unquoted company, merged to become Butterfield-Harvey Group.[18]

1972 W. P. Butterfield (Engineers) Ltd, PO Box 38, Shipley, Yorkshire displayed two insulated articulated tankers (5500gallon & 9000gallon) on stand 127 of the 1972 Commercial Motor Show at Earl's Court, 22-30 Sept.[19]

1973 Charles Roberts and Co agreed to acquire the assets and undertaking (apart from property) of W. P. Butterfield (Engineers) of Shipley to make a major force in the road tanker industry.[20]

1983 230 redundancies at Butterfield subsidiary Shelvoke announced, leaving 300 at their Letchworth factory.[21]

At the end of 1983 Butterfield-Harvey was rescued by a £2m capital injection through a secured loan convertible into Butterfield-Harvey ordinary shares from an American investment company, Technology Incorporated.[22] Butterfield was unable to raise funds for the repayment and so, under the terms of the loan, Technology Inc. assumed control of Butterfield.[23]

1985 Became part of Krug International (UK) Limited a British subsidiary of Technology Inc.[24][25]

1989 Krug decided to wind up its industrial and engineering divisions.[26]


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