Cricketers Arms

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Cricketers Arms
Address Lower Green, Baildon Green
Postcode BD17 7NN
Building Date
Early Licence
Licencee Richard Peter Dawson
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Pub at Lower Green, Baildon Green.

The pub took its name from Baildon Green Cricket and Skating Club which played on the Green near Cliffe Lane from 1850 to 1914. Prior to that the pub was called Dusty Miller[1] and also known as Smiling Mule.[2]

In 1914 the cricket club moved to Jenny Lane.

Up until 1897 the pub was on the north side of the road. The licence was then given up and transferred to the Cricketers Arms on the south side of the road when it was built in 1899. The previous building then became a house. (1952)[2] The house/cottage that had been known as the Smilin Mule was demolished in the 1970s.[3]

The Licence Register, in the entries going from 1895 to 1899, mentions the licence being given up but the date of this is not given.

The Post Office Directory of 1898 lists Timothy W Wilson as a beer retailer at Baildon Green.

There are a few entries during 1938 saying that on 4 March 1938 a full Alehouse license was granted. Prior to that it had been a Beer On licence. On 2 May 1938 the License was confirmed at a meeting of the West Riding Confirming Authority, at Leeds, & license granted to D. Town 12/5/38.[1]

The Licence Register lists a few convictions:-

Date of
Offence Sentence
20 Jan 1922 John Wm. Wharton, selling intoxication liquors during closing hours, at 10.50pm on 31 Dec 1921. Fined 40/-
17 Feb 1939 Supply Beer during non-permitted hours, to wit, at 10.55 pm.
7 Feb 1941 Supply beer & whisky by agent in non-permitted hours, to wit, 11.20pm £2
ditto ditto £2


Please read the page Licencees, sources for information about where a lot of the licencee names and owner names have come from. 1898 Post Office directory lists Timothy W Wilson as a Beer Retailer, Baildon Green.

1872 to 1955

Summary of Register of Beer On & Alehouse Licences granted in Otley for Cricketers Arms.
Licencee Date Owner[5]
Bell, Ira 1872 Aug 30 Elizabeth Hardaker, Baildon Green
James Walker 1881 July 1
James Walker James Walker (Change from Dusty Miller to Cricketers Arms)
Jos Longbottom 1897 Jan 8 Bentley's Yorkshire Breweries Ltd., Leeds
Timothy Wilson 1897 May 28
Joseph Moulson
Arthur Hudson 1907 Jan 25
Benjamin Dawson Farrend(?) 1908 Mar 6
William Hiram Watmough 1909 Jul 16
George Parker 1909 Dec 3
Hannah Parker 1913 Nov 7
John William Wharton 1916 May 19
Ada Wharton (Tempy. 31/10/1924) 1924 Dec 12
Harold Goldthorpe 1925 May 15
Amended W
Harold Gawthorpe
1926 Nov 5
Harold Gawthorpe (Temp 7.2.1930) 1930 Mar 7
Daniel Town 1938 Feb 4
Transferred to Bingley Petty Sessional Division 31 Dec 1955
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