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Cross Keys
Address 12 Northgate
Postcode BD17 7JN
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The Cross Keys was one of the original 18th century alehouses of Baildon. The building, 12 Northgate, that no longer exists, was originally the property of William Thompson of Kirk Hammerton, Lord of The Manor. John Holmes was his tenant in 1794, and he purchased it, together with several plots of land, in 1797. His son Benjamin inherited the property, but died ten years later. The previously mentioned John Holmes died in 1826. In 1838 the license is shown in the name of Richard Holmes, son of Benjamin. The building ceased to be an Ale House in 1850 and became the property of James Steel a famous Baildon Doctor. The area became known as Doctor Fold.[1] The are was demolished in order to create The Grove.

Manor Courts were held at the Cross Keys in 1820, 1824 and 1828

Directory Listings

Census Data

1841 Baildon Census

Piece 1314 Book 3 Folio 23 Page 13

1841 Census entry for Cross Keys Yorkshire > Otley > Baildon District 7
Name Age Gender County born Occupation
Richard Holmes 20 Male Yorks Inn-Keeper
Hannah Holmes 30 Male Yorks
Benjamin Holmes 10 months Male Yorks
John Brashaw 25 Male Yorks Butcher
Hannah Hudson 10 Female Yorks Nurse

Benjamin is described later as being interested in the butchery business after the Cross Keys was left to him by Richard.[1] Page 100 Was the Cross Keys also a butchers? The next house on from here has Stephen Hudson as head. Hannah Hudson is 10 years old but listed here as a Nurse.


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