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There are several sources of information for who was the proprietor of various drinking locations in Baildon.

Census data

For a given licensed premises the census record often listed the Inn Keeper, Victualler or Landlord as living there.

Trade Directories

Over time these have used various ways to catalogue the licensee for a given property

Licence Register

1872 to 1955

For the information between 1872 and 1955 the source used was scans of the handwritten Register of Licenses granted in the Division of Otley in the West Riding of the County of York.

1872 saw the introduction of the Licensing Act 1872

The handwritten records finish in August 1901 and start again in March 1903 when the Register pages are headed LICENSING ACT, 1902. The format of the data also changed, individual records went from being spread over 2 pages to being within 1 page.

For any current licence on 31 December 1955 the authority was transferred from Otley to the Bingley Petty Sessional Division and a suitable note added to the register. The records also show that attempts were made in 1954 to confirm that the recorded owner of the premises was correct..

Note that because of the way the dates and names were recorded in the register the date listed against the start for a licensee could be wrong: licences were renewed annually and dates other than those that seem to be the anniversary are assumed to be the date the licensee changed. Also some entries are struck through in the original and it is not always clear if the original entry was in error, or if the information was being superceded. Please check with the original handwritten records before relying on this information and if possible cross-reference with other records.