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Shipley Times and Express - Saturday 26 August 1893
Baildon Local Board agree the a gate at Cliffe Lane should be removed and also stones covering its well so that the public could exercise their right of access. Water supplies appear to be low and so access to wells is beneficial.
Shipley Times and Express - Saturday 22 June 1935
New Library Appreciated. In connection with the minutes of the Finance Committee, Coun. Milner pointed out that it was only three weeks since the new library had been opened at Woodbottom, yet already there had been enrolled 114 adults and juveniles. It was a very satisfactory position, he thought, and one that showed that there had been definite need for library.
Shipley Times and Express - Saturday 22 June 1935 
The antiquity of many of the buildings of Baildon cannot be disputed, and despite the many discoveries that have been made, new finds are still being brought to light. Strangely enough, the latest discovery has been made in one of the district’s best-known buildings in the very centre of Baildon, While the drawing room walls of Towngate House were being stripped preparation for re-decoration square of canvas was removed behind which was found a very fine example of a Tudor stone fireplace. Little is known concerning the history of this house, which is the property of the Baildon Urban Council and is present the residence of Mr. K. Howard Moore, the Clerk to the Council. However, the fireplace is thought to bo of sixteenth century workmanship, and is very similar to one in the Malt Shovel Inn, on the opposite side of Moorgate. It is therefore to be assumed that the two were built at the same time, and probably formed part of one estate. Some time during last century an iron grate was fitted, but the Council, on Tuesday night, decided to restore the fireplace, and furthermore authorised the necessary repairs and works to be carried out to make the room harmonise with its newly-discovered feature.