Nine Oiled Birdcage and Bedlam Steps

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Between 13 Browgate and the gate to the steps for the entrance to the Moravian Church is a space where a three storey building called Nine 'Oiled Birdcage used to be. The space is now (2018) grassed and planted and looked after by Baildon in Bloom. On the right of this space, looking from Browgate, are a set of steps leading up to the road from Westgate. These steps are known as the Bedlam Steps

The building gets a mention in the Baildon Village Walk Heritage Trail - this is one of the Heritage Walks created by Baildon History Society

Continue down Browgate past the flower shop and nail lounge to the public footpath up ‘Bedlam steps’. Before ascending the well-worn steps, notice the adjoining garden and small information board explaining how the steps got their name – there were three tall cottages on the site which housed 90 people whose clogs on the stone steps sounded like bedlam. The garden was planted by Baildon in Bloom. To avoid the steps, you can return up Browgate, take the first left up Westgate, and then first left again into West Fold (public footpath – opposite the archway). Walk forwards to the top of the steps and rejoin the walk.

The drawings shown below are by Roy Lorraine-Smith and taken from the Heritage Walks. The photos from the 1960s were taken by Harold Ellis and are here with permission from Tim Ellis.