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Photos taken in Baildon often have vehicles and/or adverts in them and collecting info about them can be interesting and help with dating photos.

Bristol Type J & L


Two West Yorkshire Road Car Bristol JOG5s new in 1937, with 977 on the right and 999 on the left. Both have ECW32-seat front-entrance bodies and were withdrawn in 1955 and 1952 respectively.

977 was on the 58 to Bradford via Sandals Road, Shipley, Bolton Woods and Canal Road, while 999 also destined for Bradford was on the 61 via Baildon Green, Shipley and Manningham Lane. The two crews are having a chat during their layover, with the conductresses dressed in light coloured smocks. Readers who are knowledgeable on the Road Car company may be able to determine if this is pre or post-war, and if Blythe & Berwick originally operated either of these services.

Both the Bristol J or L type single deckers were prewar from the 1930s BUT the installation of roller type destination screens to replace the original tin "bible" type took place piecemeal after 1946 and the last of the class were withdrawn in the early to mid 1950s.[1]

Other things noticeable in this photo are the petrol pump globes on the wall behind the Potted Meat Stick. From the right they are Shell (the shape is obviously Shell but the bottom section of it is more horizontal than many globes), Esso (the word "Esso" is legible and the shape is typical), National Benzole, (the silhouette of the winged head in the circle can be identified, and the shape is typical), Cleveland Discol (the word "Discol" is just legible and the shape is classic Cleveland). The one on the left is thought to be Pratt's, the shape is right and if the top left has been rubbed off it fits. The letters seem to be "Moto" but no petrol/oil/fuel of that name can be found.

The premises on the right are J W Noble the local tinsmith.

When looking for these petrol pump signs I found out several things:-

National Benzole mix is a mix of petrol and benzole that is produced from coal. In the 1920s it was cheaper to produce benzole than it was to produce petrol.

Cleveland were allowed to use the name Discol in their product with permission from Distillers with the agreement that the alcohol used in the mix came from Distillers.

Carnival Bus 1931


This West Yorkshire Road Car bus (WX 6687, old number 537) is decked out for Baildon Carnival. Info from Allen Williams says 1931. The bus was built in 1931 and rebodied in 1936. It was retired in 1948/9.[2]

The "..LAND 1/3" that can be seen on the Angel Garage is an enamel sign for Cleveland Guaranteed petrol. See example below but different price. We have other photos showing that the Angel Garage sold Cleveland petrol.

The sign just to the left of the Potted Meat Stick that reads "Domin..", is a sign for Dominion Motor Spirit. The price is not visible but I have shown and example below that has the same price as the Cleveland Guaranteed.

I would like to know what it says on the big board above the Angel Hotel. It looks like "???? Electrical Co."

Chairs are arranged in front of the garage and Noble's Tinsmiths with people sitting on them, waiting for a performance perhaps?. Speakers are on the garage.

On top of the bus is a large crown.

It is likely that the Baildon Carnival in 1931 was the Gypsy Carnival.

See here for images taken from the 1931 Gypsy Carnival programme

Single Decker


Towngate Xmas Card 1945.jpg

This photo was used in the Baildon War Services Comforts Fund Christmas card for 1945 but the name of the shop has been changed. The original photo shows J Hodgson as the name of the shop whereas the image with the card show T Bottomley but they are quite definitely the same original photo.

The shop is J Hodgson, Newsagent. Above the door "Circulating Library"

Note that the cap on the cross looks recently carved. Previous caps had metal arms and a finial.

The bus/coach is is a 1927 Leyland Lion similar to one restored by the Aire Valley Transport Group. Most of West Yorkshire's Leyland Lions had been withdrawn or moved to other depots than Bradford by 1932, and as the bus is in WYRCC livery it will be post 1929. This puts the date of the photo between 1929 and 1932. It is strange that such an old photo (at least 15 years) should have been used in a 1945 Xmas card where editing of the card was done to show the 1945 owner of the shop.

The West Yorkshire Road Car Co was formed in 1929.

Service between Bradford and Baildon via Canal Road. More details should be available.

Car on the right - what make and age/date?

Van on the left?


  • Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes
  • Smoke Robin Cigarettes
  • St Bruno Flake
  • Black Cat Cigarettes
  • Stephens Inks thermometer
  • Cadbury's Chocolate's Made At Bournville
  • Circulatory Library
  • Rowntrees Chocolates - Pastilles
  • Rowntrees Chocolates - Clear Gums
  • Tit-Bits - Dope Gang
  • Spratts Puppy Biscuits

These images are of enamel signs similar to the ones visible in the photo.

The right of the photo show how the camera was lined up and trying to get the same view now means having to get close to the ground, perhaps Hallcliffe was raised when the 1960s development took place. The wrought iron supports small balconies on the Baildon Club. The sign next to this "BAILDON PA rish churh" "St John ...."

Towngate from Westgate


This photo is looking down Westgate to Towngate. Based on the information about the bus and the adverts it is reasonable to think this was taken in July 1950. The adverts on J. Hodgson, Tobacconist, on the left, in this one are much clearer and cleaner than some of the other photos. I have not been able to find a photo of a Player's Navy Cut advert with the same colouring.

The sign opposite that is propped against the wall says "Petrol ??????? Angel Hotel" and above it is a banner for Esso. I am sure the pump sign next to the banner has samples to be searched for on the internet.

The bus is a Bristol JO5G reg BWT 793 with No. 998. It is on the 58 service to Bradford. This bus was in service with West Yorkshire Road Car Company as 998 in 1937. Out of service Aug 1951 and scrapped May 1954.[3]

In the shop window on the right is a recognisable Batchelor's ad.

Above the door of the shop is quite a large light fitting and to the right of that an Osira Lamps and GEC Equipment box. A similar box is still on the left hand side of the Liberal Club building (Pickles) (Photo). A rather hefty light fitting is on the right of the Liberal Club.


On the side of the newsagents

  • Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes
  • Smoke Robin Cigarettes
  • St Bruno Flake
  • State Express 555 cigarettes
  • Woman
    • That Enchantress is readable. This is a book by Doris Leslie published 1950. The cover of Woman for July 29 1950 shows "Beginning That Enchantress. Doris Leslie's romantic and intriguing new novel". Image
  • John Bull
    • 1000 days in the Antartic is visible. The John Bull magazine did a multi-part "Antarctic Adventure" with the 1st part being printed in their July 22 1950 edition. Image
  • Home Chat
  • Weldons Best Knitting Leaflets - Weldons produced knitting patterns in the 1940s and '50s.
  • Popular Gardening
  • Woman's Own
  • Sunny Stories
    • Sunny Stories was a children's magazine edited and written by Enid Blyton.
    • Josie, Click & Bun were a doll, a clockwork mouse, and a bunny in stories by Enid Blyton.
  • Silver Star

On the Angel Hotel

  • Tetley's Ales

Top of Browgate


The clothes worn in this photo suggest it was taken very early, 1900-1910. The women have long skirts but the children have shorter length clothes. Some of the signs may allow us to put the earliest date to the photo.

Brooke,Bond's tea started to be sold wholesale in 1892.

The Robin Starch sign has The New across the middle of it. Robin Starch was introduced in 1890.[4]

A Venus Soap sign has been for sale and the details said it was from 1910.[5]

A Thomson's Dye sign has been for sale and the details said it was from the 1920s.[6]

A reasonable estimate for this photo's date seems to be between 1900 and 1920.

Reading other publications that feature this photo mention John Wesley House shown as Rhodes grocers shop. Saville's sweet store advertising Tordoff's and Broke.Bond's tea, Robin Starch and Globe Metal Polish. Beyond is Bentley's beneath the Mechanics Institute advertising agencies for Rockcliffe Laundry and a Perth Dye works. The Wesleyan Chapel advertises T H Mallinson and J H Cook as the preachers for next Sunday.

Towngate with FWX 828

FWX 828 Red.jpg

This shows a Bristol K6B bus that entered service with West Yorkshire Road Car Company in June 1948 and went out of service with them on Sept 1963. The bus was scrapped in 1968.[7]

The building that for many years had been J W Noble is now shown as A Mitchell. Florist & Nurseryman

We still have Player's Navy Cut and St Bruno Flake ads on the wall but the periodical ads that are lower down have changed. John Bull (?confectionry?) is still there. Tge lower right ad still seems to have the dame format which reminds me of wrestling or boxing match ads but might be announcing the forthcoming preachers for church/chapel?


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