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This page is to collect together links to Baildon memories and reminiscing.

Austin Mitchell

Austin Mitchell was born 19 September 1934 and went to Woodbottom School in Baildon. Read his WOODBOTTOM DAYS here.

Joyce Coutu

Joyce Coutu was a World War 2 evacuee from Guernsey who came to Baildon. You can read extracts from her diary here.

Malcolm Leyland

Malcolm is Baildon born and bred and the founder of Friends of Baildon Moor. He has written a short note about his Grandparents.

James Baxter

James in 2014 wrote a few paragraphs about a walk he and his friend took where they reminisced about their time there 60 years earlier. He has also written a few paragraphs about his memories of shopping in the mid 1950s.

Ralph Dickson

Ralph Dickson - Baildon born and bred has written poems and noted down some of his childhood memories. They were posted on facebook and he has given permission for them to be here.

High Days & Holidays

Stories by the members of Baildon Oral History Group

Wartime Remembered

Wartime Stories 1939-1945 by the members of Baildon Oral History Group