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Letitia Lawson: The landlord in 1851, 1861, and 1871 was Michael Lambert who was from Bradford. In 1851 he is described as an alehouse keeper, in 1861 he was described as an innkeeper and farmer of 7 acres employing 1 man, and in 1871 he was described as an innkeeper. Interestingly he described himself as a blacksmith when his children were baptised at Baildon Parish Church; his brother Edward was certainly a blacksmith and lived next door. In 1881 the landlord was Thomas Forrest from Bradford; he described himself as a licensed victualer. He had previously been a carver and guilder but his stepfather had been the landlord of the Druids Arms Inn in Bradford. By 1891 Shaw Robinson was the landlord and he described himself as an innkeeper; he had previously been the landlord of the Horse and Jockey Hotel in Bradford. He had retired by 1901 and Frederick H. Martin was the landlord. He is described as an innkeeper and had been born in Northamptonshire. In 1911 the landlord was Septimus Hodgson; he described himself as a hotel keeper and was from Lancaster. There were 11 main rooms in the pub. In 2 of the censuses (1881 and 1901) there was a hostler/groom at the pub and in 1851 there were lodgers who might have been involved in the building of Tong Park. Interestingly the address of the pub is given as New Line (Otley Road was built as a Turnpike Trust Road in about 1825), St James Place, Otley Road and Tong Park). I suspect that the alehouse/pub was opened to cater for people travelling along the turnpike road and then later on drew customers from Tong Park. I also suspect that at first innkeeping was combined with other jobs - as you will have seen Michael Lambert was farming and possibly blacksmithing as well.

These are the notes I sent to the previous owners of the pub.You are welcome to add them to the Baildon Wiki.