The Bulls Head

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The Bulls Head
Address 6 Westgate
Postcode BD17 5EJ
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Brewery Greene King
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The Bulls Head is a pub on the south side of Westgate at No. 6 not far from the Towngate and the junction with Browgate.

A 17th century building on this site is thought to have been a school. The earlier building was demolished and rebuilt in 1896 and it is suggested that it was used as an Inn from late into the second half of the 19th century.[1]

The Licence Register that has been used as a source starts at 1872 for the Bulls Head as it does for the other pubs of the area. In the register there is no indication of a change around 1896.

One of the upper rooms of the old building had the Royal Coat of Arms moulded into the plaster above the fireplace. This was brought to the attention of W Paley Baildon, and mentioned in the first volume of his work, by Mr Henry Marshall of Delph Hill[2]

In the works of John La Page and Paley Baildon there are several mentions of the Bulls Head having been a place for strolling players, flute bands and country theatre. John La Page also mentions that William Tennant, licencee from 1884 to 1895, used to have a barrel of beer with a tap at each end - one for best the other for ordinary.

The licence register has an entry for The Bulls Head saying 1874 Oct 23. William Crabtree fined £5 & Costs for permitting drunkenness.[3] This entry is first listed on the page that covers 1872 to 1875 and is repeated on each of the 3 pages for the years 1876-1881, 1882-1887, 1888-1893

In the Licence Register the Particulars of Licence column for The Bulls Head is Beer (on)

1929 advert - The Bulls Head, Westgate. Prop Louis Wilcock. Tetley's Fine Ales.[4] Although Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd. owned The Bull's Head they had stopped brewing in 1928 but continued to operate as bottlers, wine and spirit merchants thus allowing The Bull's Head to already promote Tetley's Fine Ales. It was not until 1959 that Tetleys acquired Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd.

  • 2018 FOI request - Bulls Head Inn - Punch Partnership (PTL) Ltd - Mrs Juanita Kearns.


Please read the page Licencees, sources for information about where a lot of the licencee names and owner names have come from.

1872 to 1955

Summary of Register of Beer On Licences granted in Otley for The Bulls Head.
Licencee Date Owner[6]
Crabtree, William 1872 Aug 30 Thomas Hollings, Manningham
Joseph Bentley 1875 July 2
Mark Cockerton 1879 Aug 29
Robert Powell 1884 Aug 15 Herbert J.B. Hollings, The Watchells, Frimley, Surrey
William Tennant 1884 Nov 9
Joseph Long 1895 Jul 5 Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd.[7]
Tom Jackson 1904 Sep 16
Timothy Wilson 1905 Jul 21
Jonathan Binns 1907 Nov 1
Mary Ellen Binns 1917 Aug 17
John Hartley Walsh 1921 May 20
Bessie Walsh 1923 Apr 6
William Whipp (Tempy 1923 Dec 7) 1924 Jan 25
William Edward Birtle 1927 May 20
Louis Wilcock 1928 Sept 21
Martha Wilcock (Temp 1930 Oct 10) 1930 Oct 31
Alfred Worsman (Tempy 1931 Nov 13) 1831 Dec 11
Percy Roberts (Tempy 1933 Feb 10) 1933 Apr 7
Arthur Mitchell (Tempy. 1940 Mar 29) 1940 Apr 12
Francis Candwell 1943 Oct 29
Mary Ethelina Bentley 1952 Jan 5
Transferred to Bingley Petty Sessional Division 31 Dec 1955

1955 onwards

Licencee and owner/brand summary from various sources
Licencee Date Owner
1959 Tetleys acquire Wm Whitaker & Co Ltd.
John Barras brand (part of Spirit)
2015 John Barras brand (Spirit acquired by Greene King)


Two versions of the 1895-1904 photo are in circulation. The one here is better exposed but the sign over the door on the other is slightly clearer. It is not really legible but when checking against the Licence Register it is clear that it can only be "Joseph Long" which dates the photo between 1895 and 1904.

A significant re-build has occurred to the older Bulls Head.

In the 2002 and 2009 photos the suspended sign is a solid timber painted Bulls Head and the lettering on the side of the building gold on green. Compare this with the ones from 2012 & '13 where the suspended sign is a cut out metal Bulls Head, the side is gold on black with a gold Bulls Head. The slope in the side sign is due to it having buildings up against it.


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