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The Junction
Address 1 Baildon Rd.
Postcode BD17 6AB
Building Date NK
Early Licence NK
Licencee NK
Brewery Freehouse. Micro brewery.
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The Junction Pub is at the bottom of Baildon Road at its junction with Otley Road.

Golden Wedding

John and Fanny (see 1911 census data below) had 11 children. At the time of the 1881 census they lived at 7 Fountain St., Idle with Annie 13, Teddy 11, Beatrice 9, Emily 6, Harry 4 and Clara 1.

Shipley Times and Express 19 Oct 1917
Junction couple’s Golden Wedding
Mr and Mrs John Watmough of the Junction Hotel, Baildon Bridge, celebrated their golden wedding on Friday when they entertained a number of relatives and friends. The aged couple were the recipients of many hearty congratulations on this auspicious occasion. Both of them are natives of Tong Park and both are sixty nine years old. For many years Mr Watmough was an engine tenter at a Shipley mill and for a short period he was in the police force. There are 11 children of the marriage - five sons and six daughters. These are Mr Teddie Watmough, Carr Lane, Windhill; Mr Harry Watmough, Windsor Road, Shipley; Mr Walter Watmough, Merton Street, Shipley; Mr Willie Watmough, Otley Road, Baildon Woodbottom; Pte Harold Watmough, R.F.A., who is in training; Mrs Harry Bailey, Carr Lane, Windhill; Mrs Alfred Priestley, Redburn Road, Shipley; Mrs J. Tordoff, Halifax; Mrs Harry Brogden, Redburn Road, Shipley; Mrs Ernest Houghton, whose husband is with the forces in France; and Miss Lily Watmough. There are twenty-one grandchildren


Please read the page Licencees, sources for information about where a lot of the licencee names and owner names have come from.

1872 to 1955

In the entries between 1888 & 1893 the Register shows that the Licence changed from Beer On to Alehouse

Summary of Register of Beer On and Alehouse Licences granted in Otley for The Junction.[2]
Licencee Date Owner[3]
Elizabeth Hartley 1872 Aug 30 William Wildman, Woodbottom, Baildon
Ephraim Hartley 1878 Feb 22
Thompson Hammond[4] 1881 Jan 30 William Wildman, Contractor, Shipley
1986? Thompson Hammond, Baildon
Emily Harper 1896 Aug 28?
Thomas William Read 1897 Dec 3 Edward Dobson, Auctioneer, Bradford.[5]
Edward McGuyan 1898 Dec 2
Arthur Procter[6] 1899 Nov 3 Wm Hutton, Allerton, Bradford. Arthur Proctor 5 Sept[7]
John Barraclough ?
Samuel Smith Read 1903 Aug 7 Hammond's Bradford Brewery Co Ltd, Fountain Brewery, Bradford.
Joseph Ed Hundale 1904 Mar 25
John Watmough[8] 1905 Dec 8
Harold Watmough[9][10] 1921 Feb 4
Transferred to Bingley Petty Sessional Division 31 Dec 1955
Bill Arnold[11] -Mar 2010
Tommy Brown[11] Mar 2010-

Census Data

1881 Census

Dwelling: 1 Junction Inn

Census Place: Baildon, York, England

Source: FHL Film 1342036 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4339 Folio 128 Page 22

Name Status Age Gender Birthplace Relationship Occupation
Thompson HAMMOND Married 27 Male Eccleshill, Yorks, England Head Inn Keeper
Margaret HAMMOND Married 37 Female Micklethwaite, Yorks, England Wife
Mary Ellen HAMMOND 3 Female Shipley, Yorks, England Daughter
Edith HAMMOND 1 Female Baildon, Yorks, England Daughter
Hannah SMITH Unmarried 27 Female Micklethwaite, Yorks, England Sister Domestic Servant
Sarah SMITH Unmarried 29 Female Micklethwaite, Yorks, England Sister Worsted Weaver

1901 Census

Name Status Age Gender Birthplace Relationship Occupation
Arthur Procter Married 26 Male Wilsden Head Publican
Martha A. Married 28 Female Golcar, Yorks. Wife
Gladys M. 2 Female Allerton, Yorks Daughter
Mary Procter Widowed 49 Female Allerton, Yorks. Mother.
Esther Marsh Unmarried 32 Female Penny(?) Bridge, Lancs. (Penny Bridge is in Cumbria did it move?) Domestic Servant
Harry Wadsworth, 45 Male Skelmanthorpe, Yorks Boarder Worsted Weaver
Frank J. B Fearnley 31 Male Bradford, Yorks. (?Manager?) Worsted Mill
Joseph Davidson 23 Male ?Nearton, Bucks Engineer
John F Holden 22 Male Bulwell, Notts Servant Ostler (Groom)

1911 Census

1911 Census District 491 Sub-dist Yeadon. Enum Dist 4 Sched 71

Name Relationship Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
John Watmough Head 63 Male Hawksworth, Yorkshire Married Publican
Fanny Watmough Wife Female 61 Shipley, Yorkshire Married
Maud Watmough Daughter Female 27 Shipley, Yorkshire Single Assistant in Business
Harold Watmough Son Male 21 Shipley, Yorkshire Single Assitant in Business
Lilly Watmough Daughter Female 19 Shipley, Yorkshire Single Assistant in Business



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