The Knoll

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Image of The Knoll house.

The Knoll was built in 1858 by Charles Stead. The land had originally belonged to the Ferrand family; it was sold to Titus Salt who then sold it to Charles Stead who was a director at Salt. There are photographs of the house but no building plans. The house had beautiful grounds. The entrance was at the bottom of Green Lane, the drive ascending through Fairnbank Wood. Charles Stead left the house in the 1890s as a result of the restructuring at Salts and moved to the Morecambe area. The Knoll estate was acquired by James Roberts, later Sir James Roberts, who was part of the syndicate which took over Salts. Who eventually moved to Milner Fields. Members of his family continued to live in the house until after World War I. The estate then had a series of occupiers until eventually Baildon Urban District Council bought it in 1946. The house was pulled down and flats built on the site; the grounds were opened in 1948 as a recreation ground and were subject to a series of rules and regulations.

I used to explore it just before it was demolished. It had a square tower and a spiral staircase. stained glass windows at the bottom of the staircase and a round stone raised water feature at the back. Thank you from Marilyn Cordingley (nee Knowles)

1891 Census Data

Dwelling: The Knoll

Name Status Age Gender Birthplace Relationship Occupation
Charles Stead Head 68 Male Wortley, Yorkshire Married Justice of the Peace & Worsted Spinner/Manufacturer
Mary Ann Stead Wife 66 Female Pudsey, Yorkshire Married
Emily Stead Daughter 42 Female Bradford, Yorkshire Single
Ella Marion Stead Daughter 24 Female Baildon, Yorkshire Single
Mary Elizabeth Hoare Servant 33 Female Hunts, Woodston Single Domestic Servant
Elizabeth Jane Kennedy Servant 30 Female Castle Eden Durham Single Domestic Servant
Sarah Ann Wassencraft Servant 26 Female Shrewsbury Shropshire Single Domestic Servant
Kathleen Cowper Servant 29 Female Coalbrookdale Shropshire Single Domestic Servant
Annie English Servant 17 Female Napton, Peterboro Single Domestic Servant

Dwelling: The Knoll Lodge

Name Relationship Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
Abraham Duerden Head 30 Male Bradford, Yorkshire Married Domestic Servant
Louisa Duerden Wife 32 Female Swinton, Yorkshire Married
Mary Ann Duerden Daughter 8 Female Bradford, Yorkshire Single
Charles Duerden Son 6 Male Bradford, Yorkshire Single
Hannah Duerden Daughter 3 Female Bradford, Yorkshire Single

Dwelling: The Knoll Lodge Green Lane

Name Relationship Age Gender Birthplace Status Occupation
William Forrester Head 40 Male Scotland Married Gardener
Jane Forrester Wife 40 Female Manchester, Lancashire Married
Christina Forrester Daughter 15 Female Scotland Single Miliner
Elizabeth Forrester Daughter 12 Female Altringham, Cheshire Single Scholar