The Old Glen House

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The Old Glen House
Address Prod Lane
Postcode BD17 5BN
Building Date
Early Licence
Licencee Edward Harrison
Brewery Punch Partnership (PTL) Ltd
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Pub on Prod Lane. BD17 5BN.

The Old Glen House Pub was originally WOODHEAD Farm and pins in the beams of the roof are of a design that was used between 1650 and 1700.

1911 Census - Herbert Badland, 43, Nurseryman, Old Glen House, Shipley Glen, Baildon

During access problems beer was delivered by helicopter. ?date? ?details?

  • 2018 - Owner Punch Partnership (PTL) Ltd - licencee Mr Edward Harrison[1]


  1. 2018 FOI request logged at WhatDoTheyKnow