Urban Village Initiative

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In March 2004, Baildon was one of several neighbourhoods chosen by Bradford Council's Executive to benefit from the Council's "Urban Village" project.

In July 2004 the Shipley Area Committee of Bradford Council invited representatives of key organisations within the village to form the Baildon Futures Partnership to oversee the production of the Action Plan

After various consultations and questions 7 themes were decided on for the priorities of the Baildon Urban Village

  • Improving recreation facilities for all and enhancing the experience of young people
  • Tackling crime
  • Improving housing and the environment
  • Improving traffic and transport
  • Promoting good health
  • Strengthening local communities
  • Enhancing education and the use of school facilities.

By the close of the initiative in 2006 at lot of work had been completed or was in the schedules for the various organisations involved.

You can read the final report of the Baildon Urban Village as an appendix to a report of The Shipley Area Committe that is in the archive of the Bradford web site here - this link may not have a long life - it depends on how Bradford organise/archive their documents.

The text of the final report can be read here - Urban Village Final Report. Note that this is an unofficial OCR copy and the original should be referred to wherever possible.