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A Baildon Inn whose location is reported to have been at Woodbottom. The reference to Northgate in the 1872 to 1876 licence register entry I believe relates to the entry below Wood Cottage Inn.

It is thought that Woodcot Avenue, Baildon is named after Wood Cottage Inn.[1] Green folder

Baildon Local Board of Guardians Minutes

There are 2 references to The Wood Cottage Inn in the minutes of Baildon Local Board

5 Aug 1890

Mrs. Ambler was to be ordered to remove the pigs from her property in Binswell Fold.
The owners of The Wood Cottage Inn and adjoining property were to be ordered to cleanse the drains of the same.
Plans approved for alterations to the Roebuck Inn.

15 Sept 1891

The owner of the Wood Cottage Inn was to be ordered to remove the urinals to a more inconspicuous position within twenty eight days.
Plans approved for House & Outbuildings for Mr David Bentley, Moorgate.

Beer Check

Beer Check note

This scan taken from A Edwick notes reports that The Wood Cottage Inn was at the top of Victoria St, Woodbottom.[1] Green folder

The text reads:-

FOLLOWING his notes about tobacco checks in February issue (this volume, p.14) Mr John La Page has given to the Museum a beer check. Made of brass and about the size of a shilling, this has on one side a shield and a double-headed eagle, and on the other the initials GWC.
Of it Mr La Page wrote - “Mr A.Wardman, of Cleckheaton, has sent me a beer check issued by his father at the Wood Cottage Inn at the beginning of the century. This inn was a small beerhouse situated at the top of Victoria Street, Baildon Woodbottom, and was closed about 1908. The building was then divided between a shoemaker’s shop and a small dwelling. Subsequently, the property was pulled down to make room for the present block of offices and manufactory. The check is worth 2d., and was used for making purchases of beer, stout and other drinks.”

And the handwriting reads:-

Bradford Archealogical
Group Bulletin
April 1966


Woodbottom Map 1906

This map does not show a Wood Cottage Inn but it does show Victoria St, Wood St and shows P.H. for Queens Hotel and The Junction Pub which were built around the same time as the houses. The work was done by several builders - Oddy, Gill, Robinson and Wildman. Gill built the Queens Hotel and the 1872 entry in the Licence Register has William Gill as owner and licencee. Wildman built the The Junction Pub and the 1872 entry in the Licence Register has William Wildman as the owner of it. The Licence Register lists Welfit Oddy of Woodbottom as the owner of Woodcottage Inn in 1872 with it passing to Thomas Oddy. Welfit died in 1879. William Gill, of Queens Hotel is then listed as the licencee for a couple of years.

Census Data


27 Victoria St. (Wood Cottage Inn) Martin Pickard, 49, Inn Keeper, born Addingham. Wife, Ruth, 59. Born Skipton.

The entry on the census recorded before this one is 26 Victoria St and the one after 1 Wood St.

1891 Census

The 1891 census doesn't list Wood Cottage Inn in sequence with Victoria St and Wood St as in 1871. It is listed between 18 and 21 Baildon Rd. as Wood Cottage Inn. Wood Cottage Inn. John W Cordingley, 27, Butcher & Publican, born Idle. Wife, Mary Raistrick Cordingley, 24, Pub, born Bradford. Son, John Cordingley, 1, born Windhill. Father, John Cordingley, Widow, 64. Waiter. Born Shipley. Mother in Law, Hannah Roberth(?), Married, 45, born Braford.

1901 Census

Wood Cottage Inn seems to be listed with an address of 19 Baildon Rd. John W Cordingley, Head, 37, Publican. Wife, Mary R., 34. Hannah Cordingley, Daughter, 9, born Baildon. Craven Spence, boarder, Wid., 50, General Labourer, born Calverley, Yorkshire, England. Tom Harris Boarder 24, Engine Tender in Mill, born Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Edward Smith Boarder 34, groom, born Shipley, Yorkshire, England

1911 Census

19 Baildon Rd. now appears to be a residence. John William Jennings, 36, engine fitter, born Hunslet, Leeds. Wife, Alice Jennings, 42, born Wortley, 1 Vicroria St, William Calvert, 33, Boot repaire, born Harrogate. Wife Mary Calvert, 36, born Tarvin, Cheshire. At a later date Mr Calvert tenanted the front room as a shoe repairer’s business.


Please read the page Licencees, sources for information about where a lot of the licencee names and owner names have come from.

1872 to 1907

The Licence for Wood Cottage is shown as Beer On.

Summary of Register of Beer On Licences granted in Otley for The Wood Cottage Inn.[3]
Licencee Date Owner[4]
Pickard, Martin 1872 Aug 30 Welfitt Oddy, Woodbottom, Baildon
Ruth Pickard 1874 June 5
William Gill 1879 Aug 8 Executors of Welfit Oddy
William Stansfield 1881 April 8
John Cordingley 1881 Sept 30
1884 Thomas Oddy, Baildon Rd, Baildon
John Wm Cordingley 1891 Jan 9 Mary Marshall, Shipley
1895 Greenwood Brothers
1896 Boardman's Breweries, Bradford
Francis Henry Ackroyd ast 1901 Nov
George Henry Wardman 1902 May 23
Renewal of license refused by Compensation Authority at
meeting held at Wakefield on 28th May 1907.
License expired 21 st December 1907.

There is some difficulty/confusion in the Licence Register for 1872 to 1876. I believe Isaac Myers Mann is for the Beer and Table Beer off entry below it and is related to a property in Northgate.


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