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This page contains transcripts of articles and reports published in the Yorkshire Observer. The subjects will be varied and specific entries will be linked to from the relevant page in the Wiki. It should be an accurate transcript taken from images of the printed page. Where the image quality is such that there is some doubt as to what it says it will be in italics (apart from whole sections that are in italics to separate it from the normal content) and where a best guess can't be made it will be shown as italic question marks.


For Baildon station

Bradford Observer - Tuesday 25 November 1947
Accident Outside Baildon Station: Twenty Injured
TWENTY passengers - including a number of women - were injured when the 5.10 p.m. Bradford to Ilkley train crashed into the rear of the 5 p.m. Bradford to Morecambe residential express just outside Baildon railway station yesterday.
The engine of the second train was derailed by the impact, but remained upright near the edge of a 20ft. deep embankment leading down to the gardens of Midland Road, Baildon. The bogy-wheels of the last coach of the express train were torn from under it across the rails.
The 5.15 p.m. Bradford to Harrogate train, which was pulled up by danger signals only a few hundred yards away from the collision, was later drawn back by a light engine to Saltaire, and thence to Shipley. It continued its journey to Harrogate about 1 1/4 hours late.
As soon as the accident occurred, Mr. Arthur Lamb, station master at Baiidon, organised his small staff into first-aid parties, after summoning ambulances and warning hospitals to stand by.
The majority of the injured were treated for head injuries and shock at the Sir Titus Salt Hospital, Saltaire, after they had been given first-aid by residents in Midland Road, Baildon.
The impact wrenched seats bodily away from their fittings and flung them across the compartments.
Doors Smashed
Doors and panellings were smashed, mirrors broken, and blood from the injured, who, in many cases were hurt by being thrown against each other, was spattered over newspapers and luggage.
A graphic description of the accident was given by a 13- year-old schoolboy, Terry Holden, 42, Pasture Road, Baildon, who was overlooking the track when the trains collided.
"The first train seemed to be skidding as if it could not get up the incline." said Terry. 
"That was what made me watch it for a few minutes. Then the second one, which seemed to be putting on steam, crashed into it. There was a terrific 'bang,' a cloud of steam, and the last coach of the express jumped up about 6ft. in the air.
First On Scene
"It settled down on the rails again and I ran down to see if I could help. Somebody shouted to me to go and get rags and bandages, so I went back and told my father."
Terry's father, Mr. Harry Holden, a West Yorkshire 'bus driver, first man on the scene, clambered up into the Morecambe train with a first-aid box and rendered what help he could before ambulances from Shipley and Baildon arrived.
One of the less seriously injured, Mr. James Walker, of Ilkley, said that most passengers were injured about the head when they were thrown violently against each other. "There was a terrific crash without warning and we simply banged into each other." he said.
Lights Went Out
Mr. Gilbert Eric Milner, The Riddings, Giggleswick, a regular passenger on the Morecambe train, was in the last coach and sustained a cut forehead. "Our train was going very slowly when there was a bang and we were thrown all over the place," he said.
A woman passenger with facial injuries said: "There was a terrific crash and the lights went out. My suitcase, which was on the rack over my head, bounced out, hit the man opposite me, and then came back into my face."
A rear buffer on the express was snapped completely off. After the accident the first two coaches were sent on, while passengers in other coaches reached their destination by 'bus and car.
The driver and fireman of the Ilkley train, Mr. R. Warey, of 47, Lupton Street, Bradford, and Mr. K. S. Hillman, 26, Temple Street, Bradford, both uninjured, declined to make statements.
Playing Cards
Another passenger in the Ilkley train, Mr. C. H. Leach, of Ilkley, said there were seven persons in his compartment, four of whom were playing solo whist.
"The remainder of us were reading," said Mr. Leach. "The train was held up a little at Shipley and then went on slowly towards Baildon. Suddenly I felt a terrific blow under the jaw; there was a moment of darkness and when I looked up the seat opposite me had been flung forward.
"One of the card players was trapped on the floor and two of his companions were bleeding. The man opposite me had a blow on the head. We raised up the seat and released the card player underneath it. He was bruised about the legs."
Mr. Leach who had several stitches inserted in his chin made the rest of the journey by 'bus.
Fifteen persons received treatment for injuries at Salt's Hospital. 
MRS. HARLEY (71), Stonelands. Arneliffe. near Skipton head injury and shock: detained. Last night was reported "satisfactory." 
JOSEPH ELLISON (67), Larkfield. Hest Bank Coastal Road. Morecambe - head injury: transferred to Bradford Eye and Ear Hospital. 
The following were sent home after treatment:
HORACE SCHOFIELD (59), export merchant. 33, Myrtle Avenue, Morecambe head injury. 
HERBERT WALTON (65) yarn merchant. Wharf Cottage. Ilkley—head injury.
ERIC HIRST (47), company director. 1. Tivoli Place. Ilkley—shock. 
ARTHUR MURGATROYD (62) Post Office engineer. 29, East Parade, Ilkley—head and leg injuries.
GILBERT F. MILNER (54), manufacturers' agent. The Riddings, Giggleswick—head in)ury.
HAROLD DAWSON (56). accountant. Winterdine Terrace. Morecambe - head abrasions.
CALVIN BAIRSTOW (58), company director, 24, Irving Terrace, Morecambe - head injury.
EDITH CALVERT (54). 5, Hesketh Road. Lower Heysham head and leg injuries.
JEAN McCAULEY (42). Erinvale. Finaghy Road. Belfast - head injury.
MRS. JAMES LANG. Langley, Thornton Road. Morecambe - head injury.
KATHLEEH SPELLMAN (26). Grassington Sanatorium - nose injury.
ENA SKELLY (46), Dromara, County Down, Northern Ireland - head injury and shock.
MRS. H. TETLEY (70), Fernhill. Skipton Road, Ilkley—leg Injury.

Pictures in the article show the derailed engine of the Ilkley train; overturned seating in a corridor coach: and several bandaged people including Mrs. James Lang and Mrs. Calvert.